My Turn, Michael Chapman: Stop beating that dead horse

Published 12:00 am Sunday, February 26, 2023

By Michael Chapman 

Whitney P and Carol P, you must have a hatred of everything Southern as your relentless attacks on our Southern symbols seem to be your mantle of life.

Until you truly understand the Southern way of life and the agrarian nature of our ancestors, you’ll never understand our mindset. And yes, there are some Southerners who reject their Southern roots, but I blame that on the indoctrination of our education system from kindergarten through college.

As I’ve said before, you should not judge our symbols based on the perversion of some of the uses through recent times. You clearly do not know the complete history of the South and the contributions of Black Americans to that history.

As to Uddin-khan, I dare you to question the loyalty of Southern soldiers. The militias of the Southern colonies turned the tides of war to defeating the British, and have served proudly in every war since the 1870s. My brother died in service in 1991 and he loved everything Southern. Whitney and Carol complain about how the Confederate Battle Flag offends them and should not be in a Faith July 4th public parade that it has been in for many years. Well, the rainbow gay pride flag offends me for what it stands for and they take it further by having an exclusive parade, and festival at a public park. I choose not to attend but do not make a big deal out of it for the sake of the gay community and those who wish to attend.

Liberals love diversion, and when they go unchallenged, they have some success. During my campaign for school board, I had a Jenkins campaign person say that I “actively sought the support of liberal entities, such as the NAACP.” Then a Marsh liberal Democrat campaigner accused me of being a racist. During my campaign I suggested that there be no Black History Month in the school system. What I wanted was Black history (Americian history) to be taught the entire school year as it related to the history lesson plan. I totally agree with Kenneth Hardin’s comment concerning Black History Month: “By the end of this month (February), I’m so disgusted with all the forced fake love, patronizing and pandering, I want to take a shower to wash off all that insincere feel-good excrement.”

White liberals love latching onto Black causes. I call it the white guilt syndrome. They don’t really believe in BLM. If they did they would not be marching for abortion rights. Since 1973, more Black American babies have been killed by abortion than the total number of Black deaths from all other causes combined. Over 18 million Black babies aborted. In fact, I would call them out as a racist. Abortion is the leading cause of the decline in the growth of Black Americans. Just look at how very few Black citizens were at the last march for women’s rights; aka abortion. Black Americans do not need white guilt liberals marching for them. So those of you who march for BLM…. How about including future Black children’s lives in that scenario (BBabiesM).

Stop letting public education teach your children that abortion is a viable, easy birth control. Black community, call out these white liberals for what they are: racist.

I invite Black leaders of our community to sit down with me to some good home cooked Southern vittles and break some cornbread and find common ground. 

Michael Chapman lives in Salisbury.