Letters to the editor: Feb. 26

Published 12:00 am Sunday, February 26, 2023

Good to be back home

It was a complete joy to recently perform for Salisbury’s English Speaking Union with two talented colleagues associated with the Atlanta Opera.

Seeing a full room of appreciative friends and community leaders reminded me why I will always consider Salisbury home.

— Matthew Brown



A life changed by the Hurleys, Catawba

I thoroughly enjoyed your column about the Hurleys (Feb. 19) and the other owner of the Post, who must have been in the same mold!

I can’t say enough good about Mr. Hurley, Jimmy, and Gordon.

Jimmy came to East Rowan High and talked me into going to Catawba instead of Appalachian.  He told me he would let me work 40 hours a week if I would go to Catawba.  My parents were not wealthy and would have three children in college at the same time.

My life was definitely changed because I worked at the Post while attending Catawba and later when I taught at Knox and Salisbury High while still working at the Post and getting elected to state Senate at age 25.

I love the Hurleys, Salisbury Post, teaching in Salisbury and serving in politics and bringing a  two-party system to Salisbury-Rowan.

I was chairman of the Rowan Republican Party at age 23 or so and Gerry Hurley, wife of Jimmy, the publisher, was elected as vice-chair.  I never knew what the older Mr. Hurley thought about that!

If I have had any success in my life, I give a lot of credit to Catawba College as a student, trustee for 24 years and as VP for external relations.  I loved the small college atmosphere and the many outstanding professors we were privileged to learn from. (As a former English teacher, I should not end a sentence with a preposition).

— Phil Kirk


Editor’s note: Kirk, a former teacher and native of Rowan County, served as chairman of the State Board of Education under two Democratic governors.

Thanks to God and coaching staff

Sometimes you wonder why things happen. Sometimes you wonder why you are mistreated and hated, but it is OK. I am giving high honors and thanking my God, who has been with me and gives me strength to go on.

I want to thank Coach Cuthbertson and the whole staff for being there for me. A special thanks to Coach Park. We got the victory and God allowed us to go on.

I regret that I could not go on to the end with you all. God is not finished with me yet. I will go on.

— Athan Gill


Editor’s note: Gill is a student at West Rowan High School and a former member of the basketball team.