First-year Catawba students invited to join scholarship program

Published 12:00 am Thursday, February 23, 2023

Catawba News Service

SALISBURY — Catawba College invites admitted first-year students to apply for a scholarship program called The Pursuit. If selected, students will receive a $2,000 scholarship in their freshman year with more opportunities available in their sophomore, junior and senior years.

To receive the initial scholarship, students will complete two courses in their first year — a special section of GEN 1200: First-Year Seminar in Fall 2022 and HUM 2000: Transformative Texts in Spring 2023. These courses satisfy credits toward graduation. Students engage with transformative texts and pursue Big Questions:

• What is good, true, and beautiful?

• What is happiness?

• What does it mean to be successful?

• How do you lead a good life — a life of purpose, virtue, and fulfillment?

In GEN 1200: First-Year Seminar, students read famous speeches, essays, films, and media that will inform and inspire, encourage creative and imaginative capacities, and help students see the world from different perspectives. Students will gain skills in critical thinking, communication, teamwork, and personal and social responsibility that will prepare them to be successful in college and beyond.

The second course, HUM 2000: Transformative Texts, will connect the Big Questions to students’ professional aspirations. Students will choose a class related to a potential major in either Business, Health Science and Human Performance, or Environmental and Natural Sciences. Students will consider issues relevant to their area of study within the broader range of society, culture, and human experience. Unsure about a major? These courses will help students discover a passion.

Throughout their freshman year, students will participate in a variety of enrichment activities unique to The Pursuit. Students will attend lectures with important scholars, have dinners with successful and well-connected alumni of Catawba College, visit museums, attend literary readings, see performances, and more. The Pursuit will provide more than the typical college education. Students will seek the extraordinary and have experiences that prepare them for life.

To be eligible for the scholarship, accepted students will complete an application and write a short essay in response to an assigned question. For more information visit The priority deadline to apply is March 1; notification of selection will be emailed on or before March 9. The secondary application deadline is April 1; notification of selection emailed on or before April 9. Students must accept their scholarship offer by May 1. It is in a student’s interest to act quickly and apply sooner rather than later as funding is limited. Those who are waitlisted for the program will be notified of their selection on or before May 9.

If selected to join The Pursuit, students will receive a $2000 scholarship as part of their financial aid package during their first year at Catawba College. Students who decide to minor in the Humanities, English, History, Modern Foreign Languages, or Religion will qualify for $2000 per year until their Senior Year (an $8000 scholarship). Students who decide to major in a Humanities field will receive $2500 per year until their Senior Year (a $9500 scholarship).

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