Doug Creamer: A revival movement 

Published 12:00 am Saturday, February 18, 2023

By Doug Creamer

Have you heard the news? Have you read about what is happening at Asbury University in Kentucky? Last Wednesday they had a chapel service, a routine mid-week service that started at about ten o’clock in the morning and it is still going on a week later! You read that right…a service that began about a week ago has been going on 24 hours a day since it began. There is worship, scripture reading, speakers and people standing up and giving testimonies about what God is doing or has done in their lives.

I read some of the reports and even watched some livestreams that have been posted from the chapel service. The worship I have witnessed is pure and sweet. I have seen some pictures of people crowded around the alter praying and crying in repentance. There is prayer and intercession going on for the students there at Asbury, their community and our nation. I have read that the carpet around the altar is wet with the tears of the people.

What is happening? Some are calling it a visitation by the Spirit of God. Some describe a peace that is so tangible that it impacts the body, mind and spirit. In the midst of the singing, praying and speaking, people say their hearts are touched by His presence. God is moving and people are repenting and turning back to God in faith.

In the pictures and videos that I have seen the chapel is filled with people of all ages. It is not only impacting the college students but anyone who comes in the place. Other colleges are busing students over to experience what is happening at Asbury. People of all ages are coming by the carload to see and be a part of what God is doing. I saw older people and younger people joined together in worship.

I have also read reports that people from various ethnic backgrounds and other countries have joined in the worship, singing in various languages. In God’s kingdom, all people are welcome. That seems to be the case in what is happening at Asbury University. I would love to experience the harmonious sound of all those languages joined as one in worship of our God. The thought alone stirs my spirit.

I hope that this awakening will spread to other places. I have done some digging and discovered that at least one other university is experiencing a multi-day prayer and worship time on their campus, Lee University. I read a story that said over 24 other universities have sent buses to Asbury University filled with students hungry to experience God’s divine presence. Word of what is happening is spreading through social media and other schools are beginning to see God move on their campus, too. Students and pastors are gathering to pray and these gatherings are lasting for hours.

With all the buses and more people showing up all the time, Asbury University has opened two other auditoriums in an attempt to accommodate all the people who are coming. I believe these are signs of a new awakening, a new revival that I hope will continue to spread across our country and the world. These signs are present: a broken repentance, a weeping and calling out for God, intercession and a heart to worship God.

Jesus talked about new wine being put into new wine skins. His implication was that when God wants to do something new, He will move among the younger generations who are open to seeing God move in new and unique ways. College students are certainly new wine skins and they seem to be drinking this sweet new outpouring of God’s Spirit. What I find encouraging is that people of all ages are tasting this new move of God’s Spirit and welcoming His presence with open arms.

I want to encourage you to join me in praying that this outpouring will continue and spread to other college and university campuses. As our young people pray, repent and call out to God, I believe God will hear from Heaven and answer their call. When we join our hearts with theirs in unity and call upon God to move upon our communities, I believe God will hear our cry and bring times of refreshing upon all of us. I want to see God move. I want to see people touched, healed and saved. My prayer is that this is just the beginning of something great…a story that will stir our children and our grandchildren for generations to come to seek God.

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