Library offers classes for Valentine’s Day crafts

Published 12:10 am Tuesday, February 14, 2023

KANNAPOLIS — Valentine’s Day is here. Even if someone doesn’t have a valentine this year, there are still opportunities to celebrate.

The Kannapolis branch of the Cabarrus County Public Library regularly offers classes and workshops for people of all ages. To get ready for Valentine’s Day, they had a Valentine Yarn Hearts class where they invited young people a chance to make their own heart out of yarn and cardboard.

Katy Wallace is the one who personally instructs on how to make the hearts. She is patient, goes over the instructions step-by-step and is always ready to answer a question. Wallace works for the library and helps take charge with these kind of events. She spends her free time figuring out what to teach in the classes.

“I learned from the internet mostly. I do a lot of Pinterest browsing, blogs, things like that to figure out the kind of crafts. Try them out, see if I can do them, and then obviously I can try and teach them to somebody else,” Wallace said.

When planning for February, Wallace came across the heart design on a blog and thought it be a good idea to share. In the past, they have done canvas and glass painting classes, even anime clubs. For the major holidays, classes have a different theme to go along with it.

It has become harder to get people excited about doing homemade crafts when there are so many other kinds of ways for someone to spend their time. However, these classes are still important because it allows people a chance to learn something new and form relationships.

“It’s a way for them to connect with us and it’s a way for us to make the connections in the community, but also for them to make friends. Normally, with our programs that are larger, they have other people they can talk to,” Wallace said.