Kanode joins Spencer staff as town clerk

Published 12:00 am Sunday, February 12, 2023

SPENCER — Anna Kanode will be the new Spencer town clerk.  She starts Monday and brings over eight years of experience in administrative, customer service and public programming roles, most recently as an administrative assistant at Livingstone College.

In North Carolina, municipal clerks are the only statutorily required position for all local governments. In addition to supporting the board of aldermen and serving as the custodian of all town records, the clerk in Spencer works to enhance the town’s outreach capabilities, provides human resources support to staff and supervises the library staff.

“I am excited to begin my role as Spencer’s town clerk,” said Kanode in a news release. “I’m most looking forward to the opportunity to give back to the community and help make life more enjoyable for those who live, work, learn, play, or visit in our town.”

Town Manager Peter Franzese added, “We are excited for Anna to join our team here in Spencer. Her varied educational and professional background has well prepared her for this key position on our staff, and we look forward to her contributions.”

After growing up in the Greensboro area, Kanode spent about eight years in New York City before returning to North Carolina in 2019. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Spanish language and literature from New York University and a master of professional studies in arts and cultural management from Pratt Institute.

Her work experience also includes serving as a public programming assistant for the Bryant Park Corporation and 34th Street Partnership in New York City where she was responsible for organizing community events and programs for not-for-profit, private management companies that operate three park spaces and a business improvement district.

She lives in Spencer with her fiancé and two rescued cats, Sadie and Callie. Her personal interests include true crime, psychology, musicals, scary movies, Civil War history and historical fiction, WWI and WWII history, learning about other cultures, learning random science facts, equality, animal rights, old cars and coffee. Hobbies include playing computer, card and board games, learning different arts and crafts, and solving puzzles such as word searches, sudoku and jigsaw puzzles.