Stadium Lofts to be ready for baseball season

Published 12:06 am Thursday, February 9, 2023

KANNAPOLIS — Right now, Stadium Lofts in downtown Kannapolis are a work in progress. Still under construction, the residential and commercial project that is being built adjacent to Atrium Health Ballpark should be one of the new hubs of Kannapolis once completed.

The building will include 43 residential units, with some overlooking the ballpark, as well as retail and restaurant space on the ground level. The project is a partnership between Temerity Capital Partners, the group behind the Kannapolis Cannon Ballers, and Lansing Melbourne Group, the lead developer on all the new buildings in the downtown area.

This is their first collaboration. Temerity holds the lease for the stadium and controls real estate on the western side of West Avenue, the street where Stadium Lofts is located. Peter Flotz, founder and owner of LMG, said the two parties got together after realizing what the potential of a partnership would be.

“It would be a good idea, since our expertise is more on the real estate side and theirs is on more of the baseball side, that we do a joint venture to do the real estate activities and it’s worked out really well so far,” Flotz said.

The ground level will include Towel City Tavern, a barbecue restaurant that will have a deal with Cabarrus Brewing Company to brew beer on site. It will also have the Cannon Ballers team offices, team store, and team ticket office.

“They brought to the table a need for that and the city had a desire to make sure that this was a very active building at the ground level,” Flotz said.

Flotz said they were inspired by and learned from a similar ballpark in New Hampshire that has a Hilton Hotel and beer garden right at the stadium. Running a baseball stadium and getting people to live nearby with all the noice that goes along with it may seem tricky, but it is all about planning ahead for those scenarios.

“We’ve spent a lot of time sound-proofing the units and getting special glass. In the end, the reason the operation is there is because of the ballpark,” Flotz said.

Pre-leasing begins on April 1, with everything “on schedule, on budget” according to Flotz. He expects by “Fourth of July weekend people should be moving in.”

Given how tough the current housing market is, Stadium Lofts acts as a way for people with the income to find a lively place to call home without sacrificing overall value.

“We tend to make our units a little smaller so that they cost a little less and we can charge less rent and then do the shared spaces a little bigger,” Flotz said.

Once baseball season is in full swing, Stadium Lofts will be a place where everyone can be a part of the fun.

“I have a feeling I found a place where I might have to have an apartment for when I’m in Charlotte,” Flotz said.