Rowan County Department of Social Services presents 2022 fiscal report to Board of Commissioners

Published 12:10 am Tuesday, February 7, 2023

SALISBURY — The Rowan County Department of Social Services issued almost $283 million in benefits and programs to county residents during the fiscal year of 2021-2022, according to a presentation DSS gave on Monday to the Rowan County Board of Commissioners.

The cost for administering those those programs was just over $19 million. The county contributed 41% with $7.7 million. The state contributed 4% with $685,467 and the federal government contributed 55% with $10.5 million.

“We’re proud of the diligent work that we do in keeping our overhead costs as low as we possibly can and we are indebted to our county for helping us with that,” said Micah Ennis, the director of DSS.

A total of $191 million in Medicaid benefits was issued and a little over $70 million was issued for food and nutrition services.

The other benefits issued were:

  •  Child Support Collections: $9.6 million
  • Day Care (Adult and Child): $3.9 million
  • Foster Care/Adoption Assistance/LINKS: $3.2 million
  • Special Assistance in Home Aide: $1 million
  • Energy and Crisis: $2.1 million
  • Work First: $499,302
  • Medicaid Transportation: $810,891
  • Community Sponsored Programs: 33,919

DSS spent 78% of their budgeted expenditures and received 86% of revenues. Sixty-four percent of the budgeted county funds were used in 2022 and remaining county funds at the fiscal year-end were $3,601,326. This amount was returned to the county’s General Fund. 

Commissioner Judy Klusman asked Ennis to elaborate on adult protective services to make sure people understand what that entails.

“Unfortunately, sometimes citizens who are disabled because of age or for other physical or mental ailments become more vulnerable and sometimes those folks are abused, neglected or exploited,” Ennis explained. “Maybe exploited their person, maybe exploited for their resources.”

DSS is in-charge of responding to those reports, which have increased over the past couple of years, Ennis said. In fiscal year 2018 there were 329 reports of adult abuse and in fiscal year 2022 there were 442 reports.

“This population is growing,” Ennis said. “We’re expecting our population of older adults to rise and unfortunately if some of those folks become disabled for whatever reason they become more vulnerable to abuse and exploitation.”