My Turn, Steve Poteat: Southern states were following Constitution

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, February 7, 2023

By Steve Poteat

What a wonderful surprise that Carol Pomeroy got some history correct. She knows that the CSA had three different National flags that represented the Confederate Union. And very true the individual sovereign states had their flags also.

Each military regiment had its flags as well.  So did each company.  Because of this diversity of banners, the Cross of St. Andrew with the stars representing each member state was created so there would be no confusion in battle.  The colors were red, white and blue like most other American flags. The Southern States needed a common flag … thus the Battle Flag.  There were various forms of this one as well.

Ms. Pomeroy got that part of her article correct.  The remainder of her article reverted back to the same old gobbledygook that leftists have dreamed up.  She entered the same old garbage bringing up Jim Crow, Dylan Roof, George Floyd, etc.  Why not Tyre Nichols, also?

Now if liberals could learn a little more real history about the conflict that occurred from 1860-1865 and through Reconstruction, we might give them prizes for excellence.  However, some of these truths might be too much of a hurdle for them to jump.

Truths like the “Civil War” was anything but a civil war.  The states, North and South, had every right to secede from the Union, just like the original 13 colonies seceded from England in 1776. The Federal Union had no legal right to hold the states against their will. Note that Jefferson Davis was never tried because he did not break the law. That issue was settled by brute force, not law.

Liberals claim the South was rebellious and treasonous against the Union and the Constitution. This lie is too ridiculous to comment on. Besides, isn’t it hypocritical for leftists to mention being rebellious to the Constitution?

If we have learned anything at all about the left is that they have no love or respect for the Constitution. Do they love the First Amendment?  Freedom of speech?  Freedom of the press, etc.?  Do they love the Second Amendment?  Do they love individual rights?  The rule of law, due process, innocent until proven guilty?  Do they love restraints or limits on federal power?

In fact, the Southern states did indeed follow the Constitution. Quote the part of the Constitution from that time that prohibited secession.

Read the Declaration of Independence closely.

In the aftermath of the removal of flags and monuments, changing school and road names, military installations, ships, etc., can anyone show where there has been an improvement in crime, test scores, illegitimacy rates, or anything positive after these removals?

I will say that all it has accomplished is to alienate good Southerners and make liberals feel good.  And as far as Faith is concerned, they can do as they so desire, but a reminder that the 4th of July parade in Faith started as an old soldiers parade.

The Southern flags remind us of our Southern heritage, culture and valor as a people.  Those that are offended need only look the other way.  The South is here to stay.

Steve Poteat lives in Salisbury.