Keeping it in the family: Son follows father into a career of law enforcement

Published 12:05 am Sunday, February 5, 2023

ROCKWELL — Every father dreams of his son growing up and finding the job of his dreams. For Todd Taylor and his son, Alex, that dream job is the same one his dad had, and they will be working side by side.

Alex, 22, was recently sworn in as an officer for the Rockwell Police Department, officially joining the family business. The Rockwell Town Hall was filled with Alex’s extended family and friends, as well as Rockwell’s mayor and town alderman.

Alex stood with his mother Stephanie and Todd at the front of the Rockwell Town Hall. Stephanie held the Bible, while Todd stood to the right of Alex as he took the police oath. Both father and son were wearing their police uniforms. After, Todd officially pinned the Rockwell police badge on his son’s chest. Extended family cheered congratulations and swarmed the new officer to take pictures.

“I’m excited and ready to start the career,” Alex said, after being sworn in. His dad was standing right next to him with a beaming smile. Both were born and raised in Rowan County.

Although they work for different police departments, they will most likely be seeing a lot of each other. The agencies coordinate a lot because they are so close.

Alex graduated from the police academy earlier this month after receiving a basic law enforcement degree from Stanly Community College. The program allows for students to obtain entry level employment as law enforcement officers in North Carolina.

But he can always learn more from his dad. Taylor has been in law enforcement for 27 years, starting in Dec. 1996. He is currently an investigator for the Granite Quarry-Faith Police Department.

Alex’s first official day as a police officer was Monday.

He didn’t always want to be a police officer, but his dad was a big influence on why he decided to put the badge on, Alex said. Both Todd and Alex also serve in the Bostian Heights Fire Department as volunteer firefighters.

“Being a firefighter, the only time you get to help people is in the worst time and out here you can actually help people before they call you,” Alex said.

Todd said he was excited to see his son in a police uniform.

“I’m proud. I won’t say that I’m not a little nervous, I know what it takes to do this job after 27 years, so a little bit nervous,” Todd said. “Proud dad though.”