Community Appearance Commission gives update on post office cleanup efforts

Published 12:03 am Thursday, February 2, 2023

SALISBURY — During the Salisbury Community Appearance Commission meeting on Wednesday afternoon, group members discussed the condition of the East Innes Street Post Office. Chris McNeely, chair of the commission, highlighted some of the concerns with the building.

“The landscaping around the building was old, overgrown,” he said. “It allowed for homeless people to sleep behind the bushes next to the building. At one point, the doors were unlocked the whole time, so people could go in at any time to check their mailboxes.”

A private citizen first brought this to the Community Appearance Commission’s attention. McNeely said part of the problem is how the front of the post office is designed, with seating that makes it a hot spot for loitering. McNeely says that the new postmaster, Rod Cole, is leading the charge to help restore the building’s appearance.

Cole is now making sure the door is locked so there is no after hours foot traffic. He is also working on getting the building pressure washed. McNeely said Cole is “doing his best” to make the post office look better, but stressed that “it’s a daily event” where long-term results will take time.

“I feel it’s better than it was six months ago,” McNeely said.

The U.S. Post Office on East Innes Street.