Letters to the editor: Jan. 31

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 31, 2023

‘Tree fee’ might be on the way next

Inflation is upon us, no matter where go.

That includes the city of Salisbury as they put their taxing hands deeper into the citizens of Salisbury’s pocket.

A fee is a tax, just spelled differently.

When you live within the city limits of a town, the double taxation of county and city taxes should cover basic services. Those services should include garbage pickup and disposal.

Not in Salisbury, those services are extra in the form of fees (taxes) added to your water bill.

To encourage citizens to recycle, we’ll charge for that also. Don’t forget the act of God called rain, we’ll charge a stormwater fee (tax) for that also. It’s not like the stormwater is being collected and treated before being released into the Yadkin River.

Salisbury Utilities is a big slush fund for the city since they lent Fibrant millions of dollars to make its payments.

If you received your property tax listing for 2023, they want to convince you that it is in your best interest that they reevaluate during a period inflated home prices. Sure, they’ll reduce the tax rate, but your inflated home value will be there while they slowly increase the tax rate.

Do I know whether home prices will come down? No, I don’t. But as mortgage rates rise, home prices may come down in order for them to sell. Low interest rates allowed people to buy higher priced houses.

Also, if you haven’t renewed you car tag yet this year, get ready for an increased value on your car that is a year older. You pay three taxes on your automobile, county and city property tax , and your vehicle fee (tax). While we are talking vehicle fee (tax) it has increased from $10 to $30, a 200% increase, just to have your vehicle registered in the city of Salisbury.

What’s next Salisbury, a “tree fee” or “leaf fee” for the trees that drop their leaves in the fall and need to be picked up?

— Paul Hess