Queens and Kings: Meadows of Rockwell hosts annual Winter Wonderland Ball

Published 12:10 am Thursday, January 26, 2023

ROCKWELL — Royalty made its way through the halls of assisted living facility the Meadows of Rockwell on Tuesday night.

The residents of the facility held their annual “Winter Wonderland Ball,” a dinner and dance party that is put together by the Rockwell Civitan Club.

It was a time to get fancy. Women donned gowns, tiaras and put on their finest makeup, while the men wore suits, tuxedos and silver crowns. Staff members at the Meadows helped the ladies with make-up and hair. There was also a table filled with necklaces, earrings, bracelets and other jewelry to choose from to complete the look.

Once they were finished, the 31 residents who participated lined up in the hallway and were announced individually as they made their grand entrance into the dining area. Each was announced as a “queen” or “king” to cheers and applause.

Some residents had family join for dinner and the Civitan Club served food, making sure everybody had what they need. After, people hit the dance floor, grooving to music by Elvis, The Temptations and other oldies jams.

“Residents anticipate the Winter Ball long before it arrives. Choosing a ball gown, tux or suit gives them a sense of purpose and joy. They also enjoy the interaction of the community surrounding their home,” said Louree Engle, the Meadows of Rockwell’s life enrichment coordinator.

“The staff are given an opportunity to prepare and be a part of a joyful moment making lasting memories,” Engle said. “The Winter Ball means more than any of us can truly express. Our hearts are full of joy and gratefulness.”

The Rockwell Civitan Club, which currently has 26 members, has been hosting the event since 2010 at the Meadows. This was the first year back after having to cancel the event in the two previous years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. You could tell facility residents, staff and the Civitan Club were happy to be back with a lot of smiling, conversation and pictures being taken.

The club prepares for the night months in advance, buying supplies and putting up winter decorations. Several weeks before the ball, club members visit each of the resident’s rooms and hand-deliver invitations. This year’s invitations had an ice blue cover with the front of the card saying “The Royal Court of Winter Castle is having a Ball!”

“I am sure today the residents are asking when we are going to have it next year,” said Kim Sheeks, the corresponding secretary for the Rockwell Civitan Club.

“It’s just a labor of love that brings joy to people that might need a little extra in their lives,” Sheeks said.