Doug Creamer: Facing trials and struggles

Published 12:00 am Saturday, January 21, 2023

By Doug Creamer

I wish life moved along at a nice gentle pace all the time. I wish we never faced difficulties or trials. I wish my flesh always made the right decisions. I wish my mind was always peaceful. I wish I never struggled with doubts and worry. I wish…

We all find ourselves wishing for different circumstances at some point in our lives. Sometimes the circumstances are of our own making. We created the situation and now we have to deal with the consequences. Sometimes we are sailing along peacefully and life hits us out of nowhere. We were innocent and now we find ourselves in the middle of a mess that we are forced to figure out.

Sometimes we find ourselves facing and dealing with stressful circumstances. Almost everyone thinks the holidays are stressful…even though we love them. We might be struggling with health issues. Maybe we aren’t getting along with a family member. Maybe it’s our finances that have gone wacky. Maybe our job is overwhelming or we are facing a move to a new city. Stress takes many forms but it weighs heavily on our hearts, minds and our lives.

Many people are fighting battles with time. There is never enough time to get everything done. I feel for mothers who are dealing with all the demands of their children. Imagine the stress single parents face balancing careers with the responsibilities of parenting. Add one more thing to the mix and those spinning plates come crashing to the ground.

We are all facing battles and struggles every day in our lives. Some days we come out on top and life feels great. Other times we falter and fall and it feels like the world piles in on top of us. We’re buried and can’t figure out how to dig ourselves out. I know many people who need a helping hand and encouragement.

When we are struggling in life, it often feels like God is far away. We can’t see Him or feel His comforting presence. The truth is that our feelings are lying to us in those moments. God is closer than we can imagine. I would suggest to you that in those moments when we can’t feel or see Him it’s because we are hidden in His robes. He is carrying us.

Here are some practical things we can do when we feel overloaded. We have to remember that King David often found himself discouraged. In many of his Psalms he is lamenting life’s circumstances, but by the end of the Psalm he is encouraging himself. He reminds himself of God’s goodness, favor, many blessings and how He has come through for him in the past. We can do the same thing. Review God’s promises, especially as they pertain to your situation. Remember how He has helped you in the past. He has His eye on you.

I have two Bibles I use regularly. One is from my college days and I have a newer one that I use daily. Both have scriptures that I have underlined where God has spoken to me in the past. There are notes in the margins to encourage and build up my spirit. If you have done that then flip through your Bible and be encouraged. If you don’t mark your Bible, I encourage you to do so. It helps when times are tough.

It is important to have a couple close friends you can lean on and who can lean on you. God did not mean for us to walk out our faith alone. It’s OK to lean on someone and to accept some help. You will be on your feet soon and helping others.

This last piece of help may seem unspiritual, but it works. Find a funny movie, a comedian, a hilarious book or maybe some funny friends or family members and laugh. Laugh out loud until your sides ache. The Bible tells us that laughter brings healing. A joyful soul relieves stress and can heal your physical body. It helps give you a fresh perspective. It makes you feel better. I have learned a lesson: In time most things work themselves out. We just have to go through the lesson.

I want to encourage you if you find yourself struggling; God is working on the solution for you. His solution is perfect and timed right. You will probably be involved in the solution because God likes to work in us, with us, and through us. Try to laugh and be like King David, encourage yourself through His word and His many promises. Don’t give up…Help is on the way!

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