Neighborhood Leaders Alliance holds first meeting of year

Published 12:04 am Thursday, January 5, 2023

SALISBURY — The Salisbury Neighborhood Leaders Alliance held their first meeting of the year to go over the new Forward 2040 Comprehensive Plan and discuss upcoming events and programs.

The Neighborhood Leaders Alliance consists of a group of residents who come together to help elevate their neighborhood’s appearance and keep up their standard of living.

Salisbury Sustainability Coordinator Allie Thies spoke about Winter Spruce Up Week going on Jan. 9-13, where bulky items like vacuums, fridges, grills, and couches can be collected separately from the typical trash rollout. Thies also mentioned there will be a Winter Litter Sweep, where trash will be picked up on S. Main Street and Mooresville Road the morning of January 28.

Salisbury Planning Director Hannah Jacobson highlighted some of the points and goals of the Forward 2040 Comprehensive Plan, Salisbury’s long term blueprint towards economic growth and improving infrastructure.

At the end of the meeting, people were encouraged to write their suggestions on what to do for each of the subcategories of the Forward 2040 Plan.

Bryan Wymbs, a Salisbury-based attorney and property owner, attended the meeting without being a member of the Alliance. “I wanted to hear about the comprehensive plan and understand how I can plug in as a community caretaker,” Wymbs said.

Wymbs sees the Forward 2040 plan as essential in order to have Salisbury reach its full potential. “I think it’s critical. I think it’s very important to have a strategic plan. More importantly than that, is action and outcomes.”