Three Rivers Land Trust protects 54 acres in Stanly County

Published 12:02 am Thursday, December 29, 2022

Located near Finger in Stanly County are 54 scenic acres of hardwood forests and agricultural fields, now permanently conserved by Three Rivers Land Trust (TRLT). This particular property has frontage on Finger Road, and is in close proximity to two previously conserved properties. This project is another example of TRLT’s commitment to saving family farms. This project also aids in protecting water quality in the region, as a tributary of Big Bear Creek runs through the property

The rural character of this area is a trademark of western Stanly County.

“Nearby communities are experiencing a lot of growth, but urban growth is a direct contributor to farmland loss in the area. Unfortunately, farmland loss is becoming more and more prevalent in our 15-county region, which is why we are working to conserve local farmland while we still can. Protecting farmland now is a must if we hope to ensure agriculture has a prominent place in our region and local economy,” Travis Morehead, the land trust’s executive director, said in a news release.

Three Rivers Land Trust works with landowners to accomplish their conservation goals, and each project is unique. This particular project was a donated easement by the landowner who wanted to see their property permanently protected.

“We are incredibly thankful to work with landowners that see the importance in conserving their land, especially farmland. We are losing farmland at an alarming rate, and with projects like this, we can ensure that spaces for agriculture will be around for generations to come. Not only does protecting farmland help sustain our state’s agricultural economy, but it also helps maintain the rural character of North Carolina,” Land Protection Specialist Emily Callicutt said.

An anonymous owner donated the land for the easement.

To learn more about how to conserve your own lands or how you can support Three Rivers Land Trust, contact Callicutt at 704-647-0302 or