Letters to the editor: Dec. 29

Published 12:00 am Thursday, December 29, 2022

Don’t let noisy minority tell Faith what to do

As a native of eastern Rowan County, I urge the leaders in the Faith community not to succumb to the pressure from a noisy liberal/progressive minority block by eliminating the flying of the Confederate flag in the Faith Fourth of July parade and at other times.

When the mass hysterical mobs protesting certain aspects of history and demanding that statues illegally be torn down and that buildings named for distinguished leaders at the time come off buildings, bridges, etc., I remarked that this was starting down a slippery slope which most sensible people would regret.  That is of course what happened.  Divisions within communities were created which likely will never be healed.

We do not have the right nor the responsibility to re-write history! No, I do not support slavery. However, most anyone in the South who was successful in life at the time owned slaves, including former presidents.

The people of Faith are good people and the overwhelming majority are not racist.  I imagine many who are trying to bully the leaders in Faith have never even been to the Faith Fourth of July parade. I have had the pleasure of riding in the parade many times in my political career.  Those who are opposed to the Confederate flag are determined to further divide, not unify, the majority of Rowan County citizens.

Should Faith not succumb to the bullying of a few, I would respectfully suggest that the opposition simply not attend the Faith Fourth parade and go celebrate somewhere else with their “woke” friends.

— Phil Kirk


Where’s the science that backs voter ID laws stance?

In a late and desperate move by the N.C. Supreme Court, the Democrat controlled body ruled voter ID laws and congressional districts are “unconstitutional” and “racist.” Yet, they provided no evidence to support their rulings.

In other words, when all else fails Democrats play their go-to strategy — the race card. C’mon justices, you are elected, give us the data and science that backs you up.

Thankfully, voters sent them packing.

— Floyd Prophet