Letters to the editor: Dec. 25

Published 12:00 am Sunday, December 25, 2022

Adding unnecessary confusion, stress

I am also a member of the Baby Boomer Generation and can relate to what Pat Watson (Dec 18) wrote. Every generation has crisis to deal with, like  living under the threat of nuclear war in the 1960s and the periodic assassinations of major public figures.

I also remember the bomb drills where we crouched down in the hallways and the talk about radiation and its effects. A joke in an effort I suppose to lighten the situation that went around the school was: What do you do in a nuclear attack? Answer: Put your head between your legs and kiss your a** goodby.

During these years I hardly remember mental health/depression being talked about. Not at school, not in the media, not by politicians.

No doubt there were mental health needs being addressed by counselors, in some fashion at that time but nothing like the service need is now. Another key difference then from now is that we were all on the same side Republican, Democrat, or other as Americans.

The focus was on working together and addressing this issue in the best possible way and not dividing up into political camps and playing petty partisan politics as we do now, which in the case of COVID has added unnecessary confusion and stress to the issue.

— Barry Stokes


More behind Whelan than meets the eye

When is Floyd Prophet going to get his head out of the sand?

Let him google Paul Whelan on Wikipedia and check out his “purpose and credentials.”

This is laughable. Look at more sources before offering such ludicrous statements.

This dude Whelan is wondering why he was left behind. Should he not be wondering why he ended up there in the first place?  His whole career has been a host of charades.

— W.L. Poole


To: RSS on new facility

What is the attendance and capacity for Knox, Isenberg and Overton? Why is the West End community split in three ways? It appears that half are bused to Hurley. It is my understanding and belief that for a school to be good, the community has to be positively involved and give support.

When the Rowan-Salisbury Schools Board sought estimates for building a new school to replace Knox Middle and Overton Elementary, the original quote was for about $55 million. The project is now estimated to cost $90 million.

What is the projected cost per square foot for the proposed new school?

My belief is that a new building is not going to bring the students that RSS has lost back!

Ask for input from the citizens. For instance, could the Knox facility be used by Catawba for a nursing campus?

Do we need to redistrict?

Is RSS going to continue to lose students, except in the South and East areas?

— John Leatherman