Donations for kind neighbor, loving husband help Christmas Happiness

Published 12:05 am Thursday, December 15, 2022

SALISBURY — Donations in memory of a woman’s husband and in honor of a kind neighbor bring the total so far to $21,790.52.

Marilyn Fisher made the donation in memory of her husband, Bill, while Dana and Jan Samuelson made a donation in honor of their “wonderful, kind and caring” neighbor Sharon Tucker.

The Christmas Happiness Fund, which gives families the ability to provide Christmas who might otherwise not be able to, continues to inch toward its goal of surpassing last year’s more than $35,000 in donations.

Contributions can be brought to the Salisbury Post, located at 131 West Innes St., weekdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. or mailed to Christmas Happiness, c/o Salisbury Post, P.O. Box 4639, Salisbury, NC 28145. Checks can be made payable to Christmas Happiness Fund and donations can also be placed in the Salisbury Post front door mail slot.

The latest donations include:

• In memory of I.H. and Narvis Pope, Carol Pope and Hoyt Pope, by Janet Pope Hill and Betty Pope Coulthard — $100

• Spencer Moose Lodge No. 2019 — $100

• In honor of Sunday school teachers, by St. Luke’s Reformed Church Brownie Fisher SS Class — $50

• In loving memory of my husband James Whitaker, by Carolyn Whitaker — $25

• Christian Reid Book Club — $150

• In memory of Laura Jackson, by Janet, Ann, Cynthia and Kathy — $100

• In loving memory of our wonderful grandparents Floyd and Dot Burton, by Drew and Chris Roseman and Bubba and Megan Morris — $50

• In loving memory of Judy Main Goodman and Harold David Goodman, by Sanders Goodman — $200

• In memory of Howard E. and Norma Jean Fetterman, by their children — $250

• In honor of our wonderful and kind neighbor Sharon Tucker, by Dana and Jan Samuelson —$25

• In memory of Ray Preston and Shelby Karriker, by Melanie K. Deal — $200

• Jim and Nina — $100

• In memory of Tom Stancil, by the Long Family — $100

• In honor of Rev. Aldana Allen, by Providence United Methodist Women — $300

• In loving memory of my husband Bill Fisher, by Marilyn Fisher — $25

• In memory of Robert Wall, by Ed Oberle and Marybeth Walker — $50

• In memory of our sisters Vicky Buchanan and Maria Blake, by Laureate Alpha Pi Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi — $100

• In memory of Mark and Wilma McKnight, Claude and Ruth Benson and Jeff McKnight, by M.D. and Mary Ann McKnight — $250

• In memory of our friend Eunice Suther, by Phullis and Don Heilig — $50

• In honor of our fellow “Winged Footers,” by Charles and Norma Goldman — $50

• In memory of Norbert J. Gedemer Jr., by Carolyn Gedemer — $100

• In memory of John Bruce Safrit Jr., by Steven Arey — $100


• In memory of James Alexander, by Sylvia and Pam Alexander — $25

• In honor of Jennifer, Steve and Lottie and in memory of Joel, by Jane Hubbard — $100

Total — $2,913.66

Running total — $21,790.52