Granite Quarry-Faith officer injured in Rockwell fire/shooting helped injured firefighter ecape

Published 12:10 am Tuesday, December 13, 2022

GRANITE QUARRY — A Granite Quarry-Faith police officer was one of several first responders injured when a fire turned into a shooting in Rockwell on Dec. 2, and on Saturday, the Granite Quarry police department released information on his participation and condition.

When firefighters first arrived on the scene of a reported house fire on Mahaffey Drive, several went around to the back of the house to try to locate a resident who was still inside. That resident, Ronald Green, began firing at the firefighters, hitting one in the leg. The injured fireman was able to make it to a wooded area for cover, but was pinned down from escaping by the continued gunfire.

Police were called in, and as officers from Rowan County Sheriff’s Office and officer M.A. Corl from Granite Quarry were trying to talk to Green to get him to stop firing and drop the weapon, Corl was shot in the face and abdomen.

A few seconds later, Green fired on the deputies as well, striking one in the hand.

Corl, despite being injured, not only remained on the scene but returned fire at Green, allowing the injured firefighter to get to safety. Only then did Corl seek medical treatment himself.

Green was eventually killed in the exchange of gunfire.

Corl has been in law enforcement for more than 10 years and has served the Granite Quarry-Faith Police Department for close to 8 years.

“I would like to personally recognize the heroic actions of Officer Corl along with Deputy Addison, Plumley, Clement, Warren, Officer Moffitt with the Rockwell Police Department, and other officers on the scene, which brought this tragic situation to an end without further injury to others,” said Chief Mark Cook of the Granite Quarry-Faith Police Department. “Granite Quarry has hosted critical stress debriefing for all involved law enforcement and is continuing to provide after-incident care. As is standard protocol the SBI is investigating the incident while the department conducts an internal investigation.

“Furthermore, I would like to extend our condolences to the family of Mr. Green,” Cook added. “This was an unfortunate situation, and we wish comfort and strength to the family.”

“We would like to acknowledge and thank all for the support we have received from the community, our friends and family, from our families in the fire service, our families in the law enforcement community and the Rowan County Emergency Services Division,” said Chief Jason Hord with the Granite Quarry Fire Department in a joint press release with Cook. “This has been a very emotional time for everyone involved and we wanted to let everyone know our injured firefighter is doing well along with the other firefighters that were with him. Officer Corl is also doing well. We kindly ask for your continued support and prayers as our members continue to recover.”

Rowan County Sheriff Travis Allen released a statement last week saying his internal investigation had determined the shooting by his officers were appropriate, and he also offered sympathy for Green’s family. All first responders at the scene have been given access to counseling to address the emotional stress as well as any medical care necessary for any physical injuries.