F&M part of scholarship funding effort at NC Central for MBA program with real estate concentration

Published 12:00 am Sunday, December 11, 2022

SALISBURY — F&M Bank is partnering with North Carolina Central University’s Unity Scholarship, which will encourage students to enter the real estate field. F&M, along with Andre Johnson and James “Monte” Montague, collaborated to offer a $7,500 scholarship (per year for two years) to an NCCU student enrolled in the MBA Real Estate Concentration.

Additionally, the three partners have contributed $7,500 (per year for two years) to a Gap Scholarship. This will be awarded to several MBA Real Estate Concentration students over the two years who need financial help to fill in the tuition gap that would have otherwise prevented them from completing their education.

This NCCU program is the first of its kind being offered as an MBA at a historically black university or college. The university states that the specialization program builds on the MBA core curriculum with a focus on real estate fundamentals, providing future leaders career growth opportunities and a platform for innovation and discovery.

“Through the offering of a relevant and challenging real estate curriculum within our MBA program at NCCU, we are able to not only provide education to support the needs of the real estate industry, but we are able to fill a much-needed diversity gap within the field itself,” said Anthony Nelson, Ph.D., Dean, NCCU School of Business.

F&M Bank Chairman & CEO Steve Fisher is proud to help fill this diversity gap, saying, “Our Unity scholarships crack open a door into the business world that minority students have historically thought was closed. Thanks to our trusted partnerships in the minority business community, we are holding the door open from both sides and welcoming students to enter.”

Montague, a key donor contributing to the scholarship, agrees, “On a personal level, many of the students that will be able to attend this prestigious University (NCCU) come from a similar background as I do and because of the NCCU Unity And Gap Scholarships will be able to continue their education and change the world. Being in a position to partner with these great organizations (F&M Bank and Andre Johnson Architects) to support the future leaders of NCCU is truly an Honor for us at F7 International Development.”

“The opportunity to give back and to help others is an important part of my firm’s philosophy and my personal beliefs,” said Johnson, a third key donor contributing to the scholarship. “I am humbled to be able to assist the next generation of business leaders through this partnership with NCCU.”

“Partnerships like the Unity scholarships are a model for how we change the face of business in the years to come and expand opportunity to all,” said Fisher. “F&M Bank is so proud to be a part of this team approach to improving the communities we serve.”

“On behalf of the North Carolina Central University School of Business, thanks sincerely for your visionary and tangible support to expand the reach and impact of the School of Business and our students in various North Carolina communities,” said Nelson. “The funds donated will open new opportunities for NCCU students who may not otherwise undertake a career such as real estate without the financial assistance provided through a Unity ‘Gap’ Funding Scholarship. We are extremely excited to market and administer this program with available financial incentives for our students.”

The university will award the Unity Scholarship to a student who plans to reside and practice in the state of North Carolina, ultimately strengthening the communities we serve. F&M Bank would like to thank the students of NCCU for sharing their visions for the future with us and for allowing us to help them reach their dreams.