Joy to the world: Landis Public Safety shares Christmas cheer

Published 12:05 am Friday, December 9, 2022

LANDIS — Christmas only comes once a year, so the Landis Public Safety Department takes great care not to miss it.

This year, the Landis police division teamed up with WoodmenLife to bring Christmas cheer to a few young people in the area.

“We typically pick one student from each of the three schools in our jurisdiction,” said Kevin Young, the Landis Department of Public Safety interim director. “We typically get with the staff and ask for a name or two of someone they know that could use our help during Christmas.”

The schools within Landis’ jurisdiction are Landis Elementary School, Corriher Lipe Middle School and South Rowan High School.

When Young’s office and WoodmenLife join forces, they are able to spread that cheer a little further.

“This year, WoodmenLife donated $300 per kid,” Young said. “Then the police foundation matched that.”

With those funds, Landis officers and WoodmenLife representatives went with the chosen students to Walmart and let them go on a shopping spree.

“We take them with us and let them get what they want or need,” Young said. “We tell the parents if they have a list of things they want to send a list.”

Young mentioned that it could be anything from household items to more traditional holiday gifts that might not have made the families’ budget.

“The middle schooler, this year, got a Nintendo Switch,” Young said.

Working in conjunction with the WoodmenLife group is nothing new.

“WoodmenLife has been a long-standing partner with us for several years,” Young said. “The (Landis Public Safety – Fire Division) has insurance through WoodmenLife, so we got in touch with them through that.”

However, Young indicated that the relationship with WoodmenLife has been helpful with the police division all year, not just around the holidays.

“WoodmenLife has been a big supporter of the police department, donating money or equipment every year or two if we need something.”

WoodmenLife sales representative, and director Young’s wife, Meagan Gibson Young, joined the shopping spree.

“Doing things in the community warms my heart so much,” Young said. “Saturday was the most amazing heartfelt experience I have had in a long time. Those kids and those families are amazing human beings.”

Lending a hand in the community is something that Young indicated WoodmenLife tries to do regularly.

“We have a common bond project every quarter,” Young said. “This quarter was taking care of families and things like that. That fell right along the lines of taking care of family. We stand for a lot of things, and we do a lot in the community, and I take pride in being part of this organization because I can help families and people and do better by the community.”

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