Edds, Greene and Klusman take oath of office during commission meeting

Published 12:06 am Tuesday, December 6, 2022

SALISBURY — Commissioners Greg Edds, Jim Greene and Judy Klusman took the oath of office during the Rowan County Board of Commissioners meeting on Monday.

All three commissioners were first elected in 2014, making this their third term serving on the board.

Administering the oath of office, which is usually administered by the Rowan County Clerk of Court, was Chief Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court Paul Newby. Chief Justice Newby was first selected to the court in 2004 and elected chief justice in 2020.

“When the chairman and the other commissioners asked me administer the oaths, I was honored to do that,” Newby said.

Klusman took the oath first, followed by Edds and then Greene. Edds had his wife Kim and son Brandon hold the Bible while he was taking the oath, and Greene had two of his grandchildren, Abel and Annistyn.

Commissioner Edds thanked Chief Justice Newby and gave him an honorary commissioner’s pin.

“We are so honored to have Judge Newby here with us. We wanted to present you with a commissioner’s pin and if you’ll allow me to pin this on your robe and make you an honorary commissioner for the day,” Edds said.

After taking the oaths, the commissioners voted for the chair and vice-chair of the board, re-electing Commissioner Edds as chair and Commissioner Greene as vice-chair. The commissioners nominate a new chair and vice-chair every year. Edds and Greene have served in those roles every year since they were both first elected.

“We are so grateful to be in the position we are and grateful for your votes in May and November. We count this as one of the greatest honors of our lives,” Edds said after being named chair. “We genuinely want this county to do better and do well. Thank you for putting your trust in us.”

Greene gave a similar sentiment.

“I am always appreciative of the innovative thought that comes from each member of this board and I appreciate the way that we have been able to work together and get more done in the county than I ever thought we would,” Green said.