Doug Creamer: Peace

Published 12:00 am Saturday, December 3, 2022

By Doug Creamer

My neighbors and I work hard to decorate the outside of our homes over the Thanksgiving weekend. It seems that almost all my neighbors put out some kind of Christmas decorations. I like seeing them during the daytime but really enjoy seeing the whole street lit up at night.

We want to bring the spirit of Christmas to our community. We chat and encourage each other as we are out there working. Each year I think we are beginning to question how many lights we are going to put out, but then as the season rolls around we find the energy to decorate again. It makes me feel good to see all the Christmas lights.

We used to travel for the Thanksgiving holiday and I would return home to a Christmas wonderland. I would feel the need to get going on the decorating when I got home. We haven’t traveled the last couple of years so I have been able to decorate over the Thanksgiving weekend. Actually, I think I need more time. I think it has something to do with the gray hair on my head.

I should clarify that the outside is all decorated. I haven’t even considered starting the inside decorations. This is an area where we have kept to our family traditions. When I was a small child, Santa came and decorated the house and set up our Christmas tree on Christmas eve. I could never figure out why my parents were so tired the next day since Santa did all the work. As we grew a little older, Santa needed our help. Our tree would go up about a week before Christmas and come down on New Year’s Day.

We have decided to find a compromise between those who put their tree up the week of Thanksgiving and sometime right before the big day. So while I am itching to get started, I am glad to take a breather after getting everything put up outside. In the meantime, I enjoy walking through our neighborhood and seeing everyone’s trees shining through their windows.

Many years ago, I was walking through Lowe’s looking to see what was new for Christmas and I found something called a yard card. It is a four-by-eight-foot banner that says “Peace” with a beautiful white dove on it. It has more parts than you can count and takes a while to put together. I love it and look forward to putting it out each year. We’ve had it for a number of years and it is showing some wear. The strings have broken and been repaired. The stakes have also broken. One of the poles snapped a few years ago but I was able to reinforce it with some tape. The banner itself is holding up well. It takes some tender care, but it is up again this year and looking good.

I stood out in the street to admire my work the other evening and my eye was drawn to that old peace sign. With all the tender loving care I have given it, the sign shines brightly in the spotlight. Peace, it proclaims. Peace on earth and good will towards men. If only the passers-by knew how tattered and tenuous that peace was in my yard.

The sad truth is that peace does not exist in our world. It seems almost weekly there is another mass shooting in the U.S. The war between Russia and Ukraine still rages on. North Korea is shooting off missiles. China is experiencing unrest and even protests. Where is this peace on earth that was promised?

The peace He promised is not a worldly peace but rather an inner peace. The world may go crazy around you but the peace of Christ can reside in your heart. The only requirement is that you ask Jesus into your heart so He can bring His perfect peace to you. His peace is like nothing else. It is available to all who would open their hearts to Him. It is the peace that goes beyond understanding that can guard your hearts and minds. You only have to invite Him in.

I want to encourage you to invite the Christ of Christmas into your heart and allow His peace to fill your heart and mind. The holiday season can be a crazy and stressful time. Don’t allow all the craziness to distract you from that little baby born in a manger who came to bring you a peace and joy that will far outlast this holiday season. May His peace encompass you and your household this holiday season.

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