My Turn, Ronnie Smith: Where to place flag in Bell Tower Green Park

Published 12:00 am Thursday, November 24, 2022

On behalf of many Rowan County veterans and concerned citizens, we sincerely thank the Salisbury City Council for their unanimous decision to place the American flag in our new Bell Tower Green Park in downtown Salisbury. We believe this was the right decision for our All-American city.

Now, we understand that the permanent location for the flagpole and American flag is being considered by the Bell Tower Green Advisory Committee and Salisbury City Council. Proposed locations include Site No. 1 – the park entrance at the corner of Innes and Church Streets, Site No. 2 – at or near the pavilion inside the park, Site No. 3 – at the raised green space near the trellis in the Southeast corner of the park and Site No. 4 – behind the waterfall and restrooms near Fisher Street, adjacent to the children’s playground and across from the Rowan Public Library. We also understand that Rowan County has announced the county plans to install a flagpole and American flag in front of the library.

While each of the above sites may be suitable for a flag, we feel strongly that Site No. 1 is the best, most popular and most prominent of the four proposed sites.

Recent public opinion surveys and polls conducted in October and November indicate a majority of citizens selected Site No. 1 as the preferred location for the flagpole and flag. This site, at the northeast corner entrance to the park affords the best visibility for foot and vehicle traffic on Innes Street and inside the park. This site has also been approved by the Bell Tower Green Architect and meets the national protocol for the placement of flags in city, county, state and federal parks. It is also near the former site of our FAME angel statue in memory of Rowan County veterans.

We hope you agree that the location of the American flag in the Bell Tower Green Park is extremely important and should be carefully evaluated and considered before any final decision is made. We also feel the objective to have the American flag prominently displayed can be best achieved at Site No. 1. This site has received the overwhelming support of those veterans and citizens voting in the public opinion surveys. We trust the committee and city council will support and approve this site.

Thank you again for your support of our new park. Please voice your support to the committee and our city council. May God bless America and our flag.

Ronnie Smith lives in Salisbury.