My Turn, Tim Deal: An open letter to Donald Trump

Published 12:00 am Sunday, November 13, 2022

I remember that I laughed when I heard back in 2015 that you declared as a candidate for president. After hearing your platform however, it was apparent that you sincerely had the best interest of the country at heart. Your support of the military and law enforcement, border security, energy independence and returning America to the stature it once held in world affairs resonated well.

The prospect of a presidential candidate with resources to finance his own campaign without becoming beholden to either party’s political machine or special interests was particularly interesting.

Throughout your campaign and following election, the media wasted no opportunity to focus on your lack of training in political science, and the fact that your ego often overshadowed your message. Your presidency was a constant stream of politically motivated accusations, many of which were fabrications by Washington insiders who feared a true draining of the swamp.

Despite all that, and less than stellar cooperation from your own party in Congress, America did achieve energy independence, and many international agreements not in our best interests were renegotiated. Too many times though, that media obsession with your ego and personal life limited your effectiveness.

While it’s true there were shenanigans in the 2020 election — your ongoing, ego-driven assertions that the election should be invalidated, and your criticism of anyone (even of your own party) who disagrees destroyed your credibility. Those assertions during the 2020 Georgia Senate runoffs cost conservatives control of the Senate. I’m sorry to say that regarding conservative politics, you are now a net negative influence.

Whether or not you had anything to do with Jan. 6, that fiasco was a gift to the Democrats. They will forever sing their new-found song that Republicans are out to “destroy democracy.” The “red wave” that didn’t happen in the recent midterms shows how effectively that resonates with voters.

The current state of America is no laughing matter. One has to wonder how bad inflation, crime, immigration, morality, education, budget deficits etc. etc. etc. have to get before Americans wake up and vote based on what the country needs and not both parties’ two second sound bite lies and half-truths that saturate television prior to each election.

For the sake of the country (that I truly believe you love), please don’t run again for the presidency. To do so will divide conservatives and surely give the Democrats another four more years in the White House unless Joe Biden runs again, which he almost certainly won’t be allowed to do.

You can do the country a big favor by urging Republicans to focus on issues, not personalities, and unite behind a slate of candidates who do the same.

Tim Deal lives in Salisbury.