Letters to the editor: Nov. 13

Published 12:00 am Sunday, November 13, 2022

Donate your cans, Christmas lights

Christmas is quickly upon us. While decorating your house and trees for the holidays, please know that Faithful Friends Animal Sanctuary loves recycling.

Did you know that we not only recycle aluminum cans, but also unwanted, used and burned out Christmas lights? Please know that your trash really is our treasure and that together we are helping keep items out of our landfills. The added benefit is helping our cats and dogs who are looking for forever homes. You can drop the lights off at any of out can drop sites around Salisbury.

The drop sites at West End Plaza (the former Salisbury mall) near the old Belk’s and the drop location on Brenner Avenue at Hudson-Miller-Tatum VFW Post are accessible 24/7. The complete list of drop sites and addresses are on faithfulfriendsnc.org.

— Marcia Parrott


Capstone a place that changes lives

I have been a resident at Capstone Recovery Center for four months and wanted to give readers a brief glimpse of the impact it has made on my life through God.

In a very broad sense, this is the longest I’ve been sober since I was 18 years old (I’m 47 now), but my real struggle with drugs and alcohol began in about 2015.

I have lost a husband, home, career, friends and the shallow sense of self-respect I used to think was real because of college degrees and material possessions. The kinds of ephemeral things the world tells you are valuable.

I have been to 13 secular detoxes/rehabs and nothing worked. I prayed to die. From the urging of a friend, no doubt guided by God, I wound up here at Capstone. This was no accident or coincidence — I am where I am supposed to be, receiving the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual help I had been missing my whole life.

I’m about halfway through the nine-month program, and I can already see and feel the difference inside and out. This change in me and those around me have only been made possible by God and the selfless contributors of this area, including Rowan County United Way, so that Capstone is able to offer free services for me and the other residents. They are not merely saving lives — they are changing lives.

— Sarah Curzon


Votes aren’t in yet in places that are inept

Midterm elections are over, but results are still not final in many places.

Funny how places with the worst leaders, i.e. NY, MI, IL just to name a few, will continue with their ineptness and corruption.

Goes without saying it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand why residents in those states are leaving in droves.

— Floyd Prophet