Letters to the editor: Nov. 6

Published 12:00 am Sunday, November 6, 2022

Protect 246-year experiment

The letter by Richard Derr “Republicans threatening 246-year experiment” (Oct. 16) is so correct as the threat to the U.S. democratic republic started even before the Jan. 6 failed coup attempt, as those extreme elements are still very much at work.   

The percentage who vote in U.S. is less that those in other democracies and the extremists continue to deny the right to vote to many through gerrymandering, etc.  Yes, early voting, but vote for someone who won’t dismantle our democracy.

Not registered to vote? You can register during early voting if you have lived in the county in which you register for at least 30 days.

All N.C. Republicans in Congress voted to dismantle democracy when they voted not to certify the free and fair election of 2020, including Ted Budd, the GOP candidate running for U.S. Senate seat. In addition, Budd is a strong supporter of gun violence and loose gun safety laws, opposed lowering drug costs for all Americans after accepting much money from drug companies, introduced legislation to criminalize abortion in all cases and would jail doctors as well. Budd’s many faults are endless, so vote for Cheri Beasley for U.S. Senate, as she would not dismantle U.S. democracy. The best bet to save U.S. democratic republic is to vote for Democrats. Do you want to see the U.S. become autocratic, dictatorial?

— Pat Bullard

China Grove

Your income, your vote

If Republicans take back the Senate they plan to change everything we know about Social Security, Medicare, veterans’ benefits and other programs working folks depend upon and have earned. As a veteran and retired person, I’m looking carefully at who I vote for and send to Washington.

On Tuesday, President Biden read directly from Republican Sen. Rick Scott’s proposal that all federal legislation sunsets (goes away) after five years unless Congress votes to reauthorize it. Republican Sen. Ron Johnson goes further and thinks a decision should be made every year as to whether these programs stay or go away entirely. Meanwhile Mitch McConnell indicated in Dec. 2021 that Republican policy discussions could wait until after the 2022 election and that the party’s only focus for electing candidates in 2022 would be to attack Democrats.

Democrats aren’t planning to do away with these benefits. Democrats believe in helping people and have shown so by legislating programs to cap the cost of medication at $2,000 a year and Medicare insulin costs at $35 a month. Republicans are ready to repeal these measures if they take the Senate.

Are you ready for this new Republican Party of chaos and extremism to change whether or not you receive the money you have paid into your entire working life? I’m not. As a veteran, I earned my veteran benefits and so have others who served their country or spent their working life paying into Social Security.

Support candidates in 2022 who will support you when you elect them by actually legislating in favor of working people. Elect Cheri Beasley as our next U.S. senator along with Rowan native and resident Scott Huffman, a fellow veteran, to Congress. Your income may depend upon their representation.

— George El-Khouri


Vote for Spillman, a man of his word

My name is Angie Spillman and I am asking everyone to please vote for my husband, Eddie Spillman, for Rowan County School Board.

Eddie is a Christian, a wonderful husband, father of six, and a three-time graduate from Liberty University. We had two children graduate from the Rowan County School system and we witnessed first hand the beginning problems of what we are living today. Problems like workshops for teachers involving equity, diversity and inclusion training. Issues like wasteful spending that left teachers paying out of pocket for classroom supplies.

Our teachers and children are still suffering from those poor policy choices.

It is Eddie’s wish to help our schools. He wants to advocate for teacher pay raises and incentives and a learning and work environment free from political interference. He can do this by voting no on liberal school policies. Policies like the ones that forced children home and into masks. I pray our government never forces mandates on us again, but if it happens and Eddie is on the school board you will have your voice heard.

Eddie will always listen to the people, because we are the rightful owners of our republic. Therefore, we demand great leaders. We must elect people who share the same values. Values like the rule of law. Moreover, people who will fight for those values. I can promise you my husband is a man of his word and when he says he’s going to fight for your children and their teachers, he means it.

I encourage everyone to visit his Facebook page for more information at Eddie Spillman for Rowan County School Board.

—Angie Spillman


Forced mandates go against the rights of parents

As a recent high school graduate, I remember the issues that schools were faced with. Forced masking and remote learning were a huge part of my senior year, and I did not get to experience my last year of high school like many others. Senior year used to be one of the best things about high school, but mine was changed due to liberal policies.

I do not want to see our education system fail. Test scores are bad and a lot of it has to do with remote learning and the mandates imposed by our local school board. Last year some on the school board voted in favor of masking and keeping kids at home. One of those members was Kevin Jones. Because of his support for such policies, he cannot be trusted. I am proud to say that I did not vote for him.

Instead, I voted for Eddie Spillman. A father of six and a multi-degree holder. He understands the needs of our school system because of people like me and his children who went to public school. Spillman will be a fighter for parents and always make sure that forced mandates do not go against the rights of parents. Spillman is also the only registered Republican for the North Seat. The only conservative.

Please vote for change. Vote for Eddie Spillman for the Rowan County School Board.

— Jerry Alderman


In school board race, vote teachers first

North Carolina’s teacher crisis is steadily deteriorating the quality of our public education system. Without teachers, our classrooms fail. We will always have more students and plenty of administrators. But our teachers make the magic of education happen. We must find ways to encourage new teachers to enter the classroom and support them so they will stay. Voting for teachers for our school board will ensure our local decision makers empower teachers.

Ruth Marohn (me enseñó español en Carson High School) is an experienced teacher who leads an orderly yet fun classroom. Through school spirit activities, she encouraged me to express myself by creating safe spaces to be myself. She is focused on the success of students, and will advocate for their best interest always.

In hindsight I see her teaching sections of Spanish 1 and 3 at the same time, with lots of students in those classes.

She knows first hand the challenges of teaching, and is not afraid to speak up for what she lives. Voting for her will ensure that our school board has a voice for teachers.

Give our students a champion. Give our teachers a voice. Vote Ruth Marohn for School Board. 

— Dylan Horne


Grocery store options in Cleveland

You hear the ball that Food Lion dropped?

How wonderful, new store in Cleveland.

Since IGA left we’ve been waiting for a grocery store. Go see what we ended up with. New people, same size, same, same, same.

What happened to the deli? Fresh meats and cheeses, rotisserie chicken, packaged sandwiches and the hot bar with chicken wings, etc.?

Better than nothing I guess. Old saying, want more, offer more, get more. Maybe Harris Teeter?

— Alan Lentz

Mount Ulla