My Turn, Rodney Cress: Flag rejection is shameful

Published 12:00 am Sunday, September 18, 2022

To those unpatriotic committee members of the Bell Tower Park who voted not to display an American flag at the new Blanche and Julian Robertson Family Foundation park should pack their carpetbaggers sack and leave the city as they are trying to steal our ancestry sacrifices.

Salisbury should not begin to follow the rest of the crazies across the country. As if moving the Fame statue wasn’t enough, now our own loonies want Salisbury to become a disgraceful city and forget our glorious history set by patriots in the late 1700s and the building of the Bell Tower in 1892, repaired in 2016 with a $94,340 grant from the Department of Commerce.

Patriotism had a meaning back then as did freedom given to us by the American veterans.

Julian Robertson was a patriot and a veteran and would be ashamed that our once great family style city is on its way to becoming a squirrel heaven full of nuts.

If this style of bigotry and hatefulness is allowed in the city, you can always say, “I remember Salisbury as it used to be, not as it is now.”

It’s sad enough that South Main is full of emptied once thriving buildings where I shopped growing up and all the stores were occupied. Great memories of a once great city that our children and grandchildren will not ever see again unless we keep strong leadership in office to keep us from falling into the smelly pit of the far left and ungrateful who have no moral compass and live off government free cheese.

Patriotism is more than just a word. It’s death, blood and sacrifice all rolled up into what an individual does for his country and family. It’s from the millions of citizens and soldiers who died to keep us free and it is about the future where those elected are supposed to continue to protect us with adult decisions.

I can only hope there are enough on the city council to overturn the fruitcakes. I would hate to see them fall into their trap.

Salute the flag, honor the flag, respect the sacrifice to the flag or leave the country.

Rodney Cress is a Salisbury resident and a longtime advocate on veterans issues.