Letters to the editor: Sept. 8

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 8, 2022

Bank should change name if not serving all Americans

Apparently ongoing policies to support racist and radical causes continue at Bank of America.

Having recently announced they are giving mortgages to only Blacks and
Hispanics without the qualifying
prerequisites that everyone else is subjected to further demonstrates providing special treatment for certain customers.

Whites and Asians longing for their first house are to be ignored. They should change their name since representing America means nothing.

— Floyd Prophet


Why not sell property for its assessed value?

The Post recently reported that the Rowan-Salisbury Schools board approved the sale of the former Enochville Elementary School to Piedmont Baptist Church for $600,000.

The property is currently assessed at $2,234,349. Why is it that when government entities buy property, they nearly always pay more than the assessed value and when they sell, they nearly always sell for less than the assessed value?

The assessed value supposedly represents the market value, defined as “the most probable price that a property should bring in a competitive and open market.”

So, either our assessment system is seriously flawed or those in power simply aren’t good stewards of citizen’s money. In my experience, both are true.

— Thomas Strini


Middle school sporting events need an ambulance

I was at the Tuesday game at Southeast Middle School vs. North Rowan Middle and noticed no ambulance in attendance.

I talked to a couple of teachers and they said cost. Well that is all wrong. Raise the ticket prices and stop that 50/50 gambling thing and pay for an ambulance.

I understand if your child is hurt you have to take him to the hospital, which happened a week ago. If you get heat stroke, or fall down the hill, I guess you can just wait for one to come.

It’s time for some common sense for these sporting events.

— Neil Nurisso