Letters to the editor: Aug. 30

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Feeling blessed to have known Julian Robertson

Jason Walser’s article in Thursday’s paper was excellent. It did a nice job of describing Julian Robertson and what he meant and means to our community. I would like to echo everything Jason said and add my own take on Julian Robertson.

I was privileged to serve over 20 years on the Blanche and Julian Robertson Foundation board. During that time, I had many occasions to speak with Julian and each and every time he made it a point to ask about me and how I was doing. Seems like a small thing but Julian was a rich and powerful man who could have easily made it about him, but he was such a humble person you knew when he asked you how you were he meant it.

During my service on the board Julian never directed the board in how to distribute the yearly grants. When asked his opinion he would only say, do what the board thinks best. He could have easily pushed for an agenda but that’s not the type of person he was; he trusted the local board to do what was right.

He loved Salisbury and the people who live here and only wanted his gift to bring positives to the community.

I will always consider myself blessed to have had the opportunity to know Julian — just as I do with his lifelong friends Jimmy Hurley, Fred Stanback and Jim Whitton. Every time I was able to sit down in the presence of these men I was a sponge. There was so much to be learned from each of them that I didn’t want to miss anything. I can honestly say I am a better person for knowing them.

There will never be another Julian Robertson and I hope our community knows just how lucky each of us are for having been blessed by not only his generosity but his genuine love of our community. We have not only lost a benefactor but a friend.

— Scott Maddox