My Turn, Jane Grogan Smith-Steinberg: Another way to think about the flag

Published 12:00 am Thursday, August 25, 2022

“Using the flag as a weapon” Merry Overholser, I don’t think so.

Last summer while walking through the almost finished Bell Tower Green, I noticed something missing, the flag pole that would hold our American flag.

I approached project manager Jason Walser, who was sitting at a table with several other people. I asked Jason where the flag pole was and he responded that it was an oversight and they had forgotten it in the plans. He assured me it would be placed in the park. The following Tuesday while volunteering at the veterans lunch at Christiana Lutheran Church, I mentioned it to some friends and a petition was started, which has accumulated hundreds of signatures .

Over the past year this has been taken to City Council even Mayor Alexander came and spoke to the veterans at the luncheon and spoke in favor of the flag being placed in the BTG. Now there is an “Advisory Committee” that is to “advise” whether it will be placed there. Back to the “weapon.” You must remember these veterans have put their lives on the line. They  are all  patriotic Americans and have their own problems from their  experiences

And please don’t bring politics into this as we are not asking for any more problems.  Why can we not learn from history and try to agree to disagree and get along. Bringing up the Stars and Bars does not do anything but inflame the situation. I had  ancestors on both sides so I stay away from  talking about it as you should! Salisbury has been my hometown for 76 years. We moved here at the end of WWII when my dad retired from a 28-year career in the U.S. Coast Guard.

From his beginning through the present my family has accumulated 138 years of serving our country. I  have 3 grandchildren active duty totaling 27 years in the U.S. Air Force so far, as they have chosen to be their careers.

Our American flag stands for our history  and our freedom for which many have sacrificed  their lives coming home in flag draped coffins. Think about that!

Jane Grogan Smith-Steinberg lives in Salisbury.