Cleveland Community Fun Day brings together friends and family for new tradition

Published 12:10 am Tuesday, August 23, 2022

CLEVELAND — A tradition was brought back to life Saturday after a Cleveland local saw a need for family connection.

Greta Angle, a member of the clergy, started a tradition that brought friends and family together four years before the COVID-19 pandemic that embraced the relationships important in life through a day of outdoor activities and fellowship. She started Cleveland Community Fun Day to remind those that even through negative times and situations, those who are around are also supportive.

“I want to be the example of people coming together as a family to love and be there for each other, not staying apart because of disagreements,” she said.

This year was special for Angle and her family. Last year, on Aug. 20, 2021, she lost her sister Virginia Blackwood who died after being diagnosed with COVID-19. She said a miniature version of the fun day was held in 2021, but this year’s was held on the first anniversary of her sister’s death.

Friends and family showed up in purple shirts printed with Blackwood’s photo in her memory, the same ones worn at her funeral to honor her. At the end of the day, purple star balloons were released into the skies at Cleveland Town Park.

Friends and families played games of corn hole, tug-of-war, kickball and few that involved blindfolds to test their listening skills. Players were instructed to walk around cones and pass water to the next team mate while blindfolded, following the sound of their team captain’s voice.

Angle divided the members into two teams who would then compete for a champion trophy. However, she reassured that all players would receive a medal whether they received the most points or not. Attendees also brought a lunch of sub sandwiches, chips and slushies to cool off during the summer afternoon before resuming competition.

“I want to leave a legacy to the younger generations that family is important,” Angle continued.

She said she plans to continue the tradition with hopes that when she is gone, others in the family will continue to hold the event annually. Angle said attendees are asked to share Community Day with others, family and friends — all are welcome, related or not.