Dr. Magryta podcast now available

Published 12:00 am Saturday, August 20, 2022

Dr. Magryta is back dispensing information regarding health for the Salisbury Post readers.

He has begun a podcast on health for all. Chris Magryta, M.D., commonly known as Dr. M, has been studying the effects of human lifestyle decisions on disease risk and longevity for decades. He has decided to take this information and specifically hone down the focus to mothers and their children with a desire to improve longevity and health outcomes.

How do we set up a mother for ideal health and prepare a child for a great start at life? How do we then provide the best environment for a child to succeed mentally and physically throughout childhood? These are many other questions will be addressed in the Women and Children podcast. You can download a few podcasts and  we can learn together.

Links can found at Apple, amazon and audible: Dr. M’s Women and Children First podcast

Here are some of the recent guests:

Dr. Bonnie Kaplan – the Better Brain

Dr. Victoria Talwar – The Truth About Lying

Dr. Sanford Newmark – Adhd without drugs

Dr. Alessio Fasano – Intestinal permability, microbiome and MIS

Dr. Steve Borowitz – Children, constipation and Cow’s milk intolerance

Dr. Peter Rowe – Long COVID