Letters to the editor: Aug. 16

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Support a flag at park

Thank you to the citizens who are volunteering to hold American Flags at the corner of Innes and Church streets. The Bell Tower Green Park is truly a beautiful gathering spot. It provides a great backdrop for all residents, families, and friends. It is also a wonderful place to cool off during the heat wave.

However, it is missing the American flag!

We are blessed with the freedom to enjoy it and assemble in our parks and other venues. Often, we may take that for granted. Thank you also to those who have served to keep us free. So far, we have had a large show of support from motorists waving and honking horns. Let’s all support the erecting of a permanent flagpole for our American flag at the park.

Unfortunately, a Salisbury Post headline also adds fear and adversity to their front-page report today.

Madeline Wagoner could have simply covered the positive but could not resist also running a sub-headline regarding one isolated person driving by who made a threat while holding a gun. This was clearly a non-issue. Since The Post also ran her misleading headline during our recent primary elections, it appears she is more interested in sensationalism than the community. To all at the Salisbury Post, please help us to keep a positive outlook in Rowan County by showing your support where there are good deeds and omitting insignificant triggers of fear.

— Patricia A. Blide


Editor’s note: Editors, not the reporters, are generally responsible for headlines that appear on stories.

Back to School Blues

Clicking “add to cart” is harder this year. Before the first bell rings, back to school brings so much stress. Back to school lists, teacher wish lists, school lunches, activity fees, transportation, before/after school care, clubs, and events are all fighting for your attention and paycheck. Families are expected to uphold a certain standard and appearance while sacrificing financially to help their teacher’s classroom. It’s even more challenging for those living paycheck to paycheck.

Last year the Child Tax Credit offered some relief with monthly payments and full benefits for the lowest income families. Why did Congress allow the expanded Child Tax Credit to expire? Now families have to wait until tax season to receive the Child Tax Credit when they need it now.

Talks involving the Child Tax Credit are circulating by our own Senator Richard Burr. Though it does give larger payments, there’s an income requirement leaving out families who need the credit arguably the most, those with no income, like a disabled parent or grandparents living off social security who are raising children. While we struggle to get everything ready in time for back to school, Congress sure is taking their time to expand the Child Tax Credit. Families need to be a priority, not just a political agenda. Inaction is still action — remember that in November.

— Emily Bird


Expanded Medicaid coverage needed

People are dying in our state while leaders in Raleigh drag their feet on expanding Medicaid coverage. Both state Senate leader Phil Berger and state Speaker Tim Moore have announced their enthusiastic support for Medicaid expansion, and yet we still don’t have a deal. Meanwhile, our State is losing out on $6 billion in new federal funding in the next fiscal year that could not only save lives but save jobs and expand health care services in rural areas that need it most, according to the N.C. Justice Center.

I believe it is morally unacceptable to refuse billions of dollars to make this critical investment in the people of North Carolina. People in our state are dying because they don’t have access to medical care. This is the human cost of “leaders” not doing their job. By accepting Medicaid expansion, over 600,000 North Carolinians could have better health outcomes. Thirty-nine states have already expanded Medicaid, including many Republican-led States. This should not be a partisan issue. It is a human rights issue.

Medicaid expansion saves lives. North Carolinians have waited long enough. The time to do this is now, not months from now. It’s time for our leaders to stop dragging their feet and to vote yes on Medicaid expansion.

— Eileen Hanson-Kelly