State Board of Elections approves Green Party in N.C.

Published 12:01 am Tuesday, August 2, 2022

The State Board of Elections on Monday voted 4-0 to recognize the North Carolina Green Party as an official political party in the state.

Recognition of the Green Party means voters now have another choice of party affiliation when registering to vote or updating their registration. Voters may register with the Democratic, Green, Libertarian or Republican parties, or they can register as unaffiliated.

Voters previously registered as Green Party affiliates must re-register with the party.

Because the deadline in state law for submission of new political party nominees has already passed, it is unclear whether Green Party candidates will appear on the Nov. 8 general election ballot. Litigation in federal court, filed by the Green Party, could extend the July 1 deadline for the Green Party to submit nominees for this year’s election.

Ballot preparation begins in mid-August, so there still is time to add Green Party candidates to the ballot if the court extends the statutory deadline.

The state board is updating and will distribute new voter registration forms that include the Green Party option. Until then, voters may register with the Green Party by checking the “Other” box and writing “Green” on the line in “Political Party Affiliation” section of the voter registration application. Updates to party affiliation options available through the Division of Motor Vehicles’ online registration portal will be made as soon as possible.

Also, state board voter data will be updated to include Green Party registrants as soon as possible.