‘Fixture’ for City of Kannapolis retires after 34 years of service

Published 12:00 am Thursday, July 28, 2022

KANNAPOLIS — Pam Phifer is retiring after 34 years of dedicated service to the city of Kannapolis.

Phifer worked in multiple positions for the city during her tenure, including as a water meter reader, administrative assistant for public works, and water meter technician. She currently serves as a customer service advocate.

Through these positions she has become a fixture in Kannapolis, meeting residents on a constant basis while out reading meters, working in the customer service office or taking calls for questions at city hall.

Phifer is a Kannapolis native who began working for the city in 1987, the same year the the community began managing its own water and its treatment. She recalls meeting many residents during her time working in water resources, including several who would bring her homemade cake and sweet tea while she was going door to door reading meters.

“I’ve enjoyed the people I met on my route and the people I have worked with,” Phifer said.

“Pam will certainly be missed. She has built many positive friendly relationships with the city’s customers with her caring attitude and problem-solving abilities. She is a surrogate aunt or mom to many of her coworkers and customers. We wish her the very best in her retirement,” said Jenny Johnson, director of customer service.

Phifer is active in her church, and during retirement she is excited to attend Wednesday Bible study and spend more time with her great-grandchildren. She has one daughter, one grandson and two great-grandchildren.