Committee meets to discuss city’s Forward 2040 plan

Published 12:00 am Thursday, July 28, 2022

SALISBURY — While progress has at times been ‘slow-moving’ when it comes to a roll-out of the Salisbury Forward 2040 plan for the city’s future, the plan’s Steering Committee convened on Monday evening to continue the conversation on the plan.

The committee primarily offered those in attendance at the virtual session an opportunity to speak up about any issues or priorities with the city’s current land use and acquisition.

Feedback from those involved included comments about annexation involving new properties acquired from Rowan County and incorporated into Salisbury city limits.

The bulk of the meeting, though, reviewed the proposed nodes of the land use map that the city is developing, exploring different “place-type pallets” that could be applied to the plan.

These different nodes included Natural Resources and Community Spaces, Rural Residential Neighborhoods, Established Neighborhoods, Historic Neighborhoods, Traditional Neighborhoods, Suburban Neighborhoods, Future Neighborhoods, Conservation Neighborhoods and Emerging Neighborhoods.

The plan also reviewed Multi-Family Communities and the Downtown, Institutional, and Employment Centers, among other areas around the city.

Along with tentative names for these districts were descriptions about how each could contribute to the city as a whole and a preview of elements defining each.

These elements included how each district can incorporate walkability, different housing and building structures/styles, cohesiveness with the community, and ways they can ensure that safety and accessibility are upheld as well.

The plan is ultimately being designed to create a “smarter and stronger future” for Salisbury through 2040 and focuses on 10 previously identified aspects of the city in doing so:

  • Local and regional partnerships
  • Healthy and active communities
  • Vibrant community atmosphere
  • Unique and dynamic downtown
  • Responsibly managed growth
  • Resilient, diverse economy
  • Equitable and inclusive communities
  • Sustainable, clean and natural environments
  • High-quality built environments
  • Thriving, livable neighborhoods

As Forward 2040 continues to come together, residents are encouraged to visit the plan’s page online or to e-mail with any questions or input.