‘Battle for the Republic’ rally brings crowd to Rowan County Fairgrounds

Published 12:04 am Sunday, July 17, 2022

SALISBURY — Angie Spillman is throwing her hat back in the ring for the Rowan County Board of Commissioners, announcing that she would be running again in 2024 after a close primary loss earlier this year.

Part of her renewed effort to get back into local politics included a rally hosted Friday night that Spillman dubbed the Battle for the Republic.

At the event, dozens came out to hear Spillman, state Rep. Larry Pittman (District 83) and state Sen. Carl Ford (District 33) speak about their desire to create more civic engagement around the county.

Pittman emphasized his own platform as a pro-life politician and the significance of maintaining this stance when voting in upcoming elections.

Ford discussed the importance of raising taxes as an issue that he continued to oppose and believed that future candidates for office should also agree to resist.

Multiple other speakers also spoke about the overall goals of the rally, with the consensus involving a commitment to “bringing the country back together by voting.”

Spillman explained before the rally that she did not want to dispute the results of the previous election but instead wanted to focus on getting more people to vote in the future.

“This is not about being Republican or Democrat, this is about getting people involved in their communities,” she said.

Spillman cited COVID-19 mandates, rising inflation, corrupt politicians on the federal level and “preventing more division in this country in the future.”

“It’s about our republic and saving it. We the people have to get out and fight for it,” she said.

The event also included several merchants and vendors, as well as a raffle for a shotgun for those in attendance.