Farmers Day: Four great reasons for your youth to join 4-H

Published 12:00 am Thursday, July 14, 2022

While much of Farmer’s Day is about the current men and women who help to keep agriculture thriving around China Grove, it’s always important to keep an eye on the future as well!

The Rowan County 4-H Program offered by the North Carolina Cooperative Extension gives youth ages 5-18 an opportunity to learn more about and get involved with many different aspects of health, science and agriculture starting at a young age.

If you have a child who shares a love for these things and may want to explore more hands-on activities themselves, here’s a list of some great reasons why there’s no better time to get involved than today:

1. Getting off the couch and on your feet

While kids today may have countless different video games, smart phones and other digital applications to keep them busy, there’s nothing quite like fresh air and some physical activity, especially for young people. 4-H programs bring their participants to different farms, merchants and venues around the region to get involved in hands-on projects and competitions.

2. Learning the importance of the world we live in

4-H participants move beyond just the classroom learning which they receive at school and start to make connections about the world around them in-person as well. These programs encourage participants to interact with everything from livestock to nature and all the science involved in fields such as agriculture as well.

3. Making new friends in a constructive setting

There’s no better way to find a new friend than to get involved in a shared hobby or activity. 4-H participants have the chance to regularly meet one another in different settings and events and bond over their mutual interests in the wide world of agriculture and more!

4. Expanding your educational and career opportunities

Whether your child wants to be a farmer, a rocket scientist or anything in-between, it’s becoming more and more important to obtain an education that supports their goals. 4-H participants not only can include the extracurricular activities from this program on their future applications and resumes, but they are also supported through numerous scholarships and grants for their future as well.

Ready to get involved and start enjoying all that 4-H has to offer? New registrants can sign-up online at or by contacting Laura Allen with the Rowan County Extension at 704-216-8970 or via email at