Richard Childress: A race-worthy solution to surging fuel costs

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 5, 2022

By Richard Childress

When not on the racetrack, my childhood summers were hopping in the car and exploring the beaches, lakes, and mountains in North Carolina. Unfortunately, for many Americans, any driving this summer also means feeling the pain at the gas pump. With inflation and the war in Ukraine, Americans across the country are feeling the squeeze each time they fill up, some paying over $5 a gallon —putting summer road trips out of reach for many.

In response, more drivers are taking a fresh look at a lower-cost option that NASCAR has been using since 2011, namely a 15 percent bioethanol blend or E15. Available at more than 2,600 stations in 31 states, it saves you up to 60 cents per gallon in some parts of the country and it’s approved for use in 96 percent of cars on the road — anything built since 2001. At the pump, E15 is often labeled as Unleaded88, as it offers a higher-octane standard than 87 gasoline. Better yet, the bioethanol in every gallon is made from plants grown right here in the USA, helping reduce our dependence on foreign fossil fuels.

Now, I know there are some engine skeptics out there. After five decades in the racing business, I know a thing or two about fuel and engine performance. And let me tell you, E15 holds up even under the toughest and most demanding of conditions. Since 2011, Sunoco Green E15 is the official fuel of NASCAR, fueling every mile in every race. E15 has allowed these racec ars to achieve peak performance on the track, while keeping engines running smooth and helping NASCAR cut carbon emissions by 20 percent across its three national touring series. And off the track, Americans have benefited from this cleaner burning, low-carbon fuel — having officially driven 30 billion miles on E15 with no reported issues.

It’s a win-win for cars and the climate.

Gas prices don’t seem to be tapering off anytime soon, so there’s no better time for a simple change in that can fuel your summer adventures. Whether you’re circling a NASCAR track or hitting the road with family and friends, there’s no better time to fill up on E15 to help alleviate those prices you’ll face at the pump, help you make a simple change for our environment, and support American-made energy.

Trust me and give E15 a try — your wallet and your engine will thank you.

Richard Childress is chairman and CEO of Richard Childress Racing. A former NASCAR driver, Childress handed over driving duties to Dale Earnhardt in 1981. Together, they established RCR as one of the premier teams in all of motorsports. Childress is also the proprietor of Childress Vineyards, founder of the Childress Institute for Pediatric Trauma, and  owner of Yadkin River Angus, a Black Angus cattle ranch. He is an avid outdoorsman with a strong commitment to conservation and wildlife preservation.