Quotes of the week: ‘Make our voices heard’

Published 12:03 am Friday, July 1, 2022

“We need to make our voices heard. I am not willing to see women die because of this. And they will.”

— Samantha Haspel, former midwife at a protest against the overturning of Roe v. Wade

“We want to build out most of that property, not only with garden boxes, trellises and things like that. Also we’re going to put in an orchard for fruit trees, there’s going to be a gazebo for gathering, there’s going to be a central lawn for things like workshops and yoga.”

— Kyle Harris, Spencer planner on the community garden plot

“So many of our residents can’t get to the beach anymore. I wanted them to be able to sit with their feet in the sand.”

— Christina Helms, Oak Park retirement community sales and marketing director as residents celebrated National Bingo Day complete with sand and a kiddie pool

“There are proven ways that these things can be done that now you’ve taken someone who has committed a crime and now they’ll never commit another one and they’re in a good place. Their life is to a place where they’re not in survival mode anymore.”

— Justan Mounts, director of Veterans Services for Rowan County on diversion program to help those who have committed minor crimes get mental health and treatment services

“The matches in the Rowan Masters weren’t just pretty good. They were tough. Had to bring my best.”

— Nick Lyerly, who won the golf tournament for the fourth year in a row

“You’re a little bit exhausted at the end of it all. But I enjoyed it, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching our guys enjoy it. More memories are still coming back at me every day, and I smile with every one.”

— Thad Chrismon, coach of the state champion South Rowan baseball team and the Post’s Rowan County Coach of the Year for the second straight season

“Dad always talked about giving back because he learned it from his parents and it was part of the general Salisbury community at the time. Everyone was involved in everything back then, he said.”

— Alex Robertson, speaking as his dad and noted Salisbury benefactor Julian Robertson turned 90