Letters to the editor: June 26

Published 12:00 am Sunday, June 26, 2022

Red flag law will be abused

I writing about the new gun laws, my two senators, Tillis and Burr, voted for. With the new gun regulations, a lot of it was good, but the red flag law can and will be abused.

The Democrats enforce the laws they want to and not the ones they don’t.

And they will use the red flag law to go after their political enemies and I would be surprised if the Republicans won’t do the same thing .

But that is not why I’m writing this letter, and it applies to both Democrats and Republicans. Is this bill not because of the recent mass shootings?

They didn’t do a damn thing to protect our kids, provide funding to harden schools, put armed officers at each school, or anything else. With the open borders, fentanyl is coming in by the tons, and if people want guns, they’ll bring them.

They don’t give a damn about our kids. The next mass shooting, remember they didn’t do a thing to protect our schools and our kids and our teachers. They need to start putting Americans first, especially our kids.

— Chris Rodgers

China Grove

Flocking together

I encourage everyone to read the Byron York column every day.

One of his heroines is Miranda Devine, contributor to the New York Post and Fox News. Google her on Wikipedia.  A track record hard to match.  Thank goodness she is 60 and not 40!

These two continue to fan the flames of division in this country.  An old saying: “Charlatans of a feather flock together.”

—W.L. Poole


Two questions for Jan. 6 panel

Here are two questions the committee refuses to investigate:

1.  A video shows Trump telling his supporters to march to the Capitol building “patriotically and peacefully.”  How is that “inciting violence”?  When Senator Schumer stood on the steps of the Capitol and warned Supreme Court Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh that “they would pay a price” for their  votes on Roe vs. Wade, he was inciting violence and should be impeached!

2.  On Jan. 5, the chief of the  Capitol Police requested that the National Guard be called out.  His urgent request was rejected by the House sergeant at arms and the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.  Why did Pelosi do that?

— Mitch Pezdek


Juneteenth trying to do what is just

Madeline Wagoner’s story about Juneteenth had some incorrect information contained in it.  In the article, it was stated that Texas was the last state in the Confederacy (or should we now spell this with the small letter c).  Texas was not the last state in the Confederacy.  Tennessee was the last state with North Carolina being the next to the last state. Texas grew too much cotton to be the last state to join.  I may be incorrect, but Texas may have been the fourth state to join, but it was not the last one.

What the writer might have been attempting to say was that Texas was the last state where enslaved people got the news concerning the Emancipation Proclamation. However, the emancipation was really not law, but an attempt to keep European countries from giving aid to the Confederacy or confederacy.

The act that really freed the slaves was the 13th Amendment to the Constitution passed in 1865. The sad thing about the 13th Amendment was that it did not give the freed slaves the right of citizenship, nor did it protect them from gross discrimination.

The journey to correct this mistake and injustice our country made has been a long one.  Thank God we are still attempting to do what is just and right.

— Gordon Correll