Ann Farabee column: Choose to pursue

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 25, 2022

By Ann Farabee

They called it Mill Hill.

That’s because the houses were on a hill near the mill. I called it my neighborhood.

I remember playing softball in the middle of that road daily, as I was growing up.

You may want to keep in mind a couple of previous columns where I mentioned my lack of athletic prowess — by finishing last in the mile run, and getting stuck on the rope in PE class. Playing softball was just as bad.

I was an easy out. I would not try to catch a ball nor would I chase the ball, and I backed away from fielding the ball.

Two things could stop our neighborhood ballgames — the street light would come on at dark, which meant it was time to go inside, or the ball would roll down into the dreaded dark storm drain pipe and be irretrievable.

I was not a fan of the dreaded dark storm drain pipe. As I lackadaisically headed to get to to the ball, others would pass me trying to get there before it went down the drain. Obviously, this type of occurrence is where the phrase “down the drain” must have originated.

Why didn’t I go after it? Why didn’t I try?

Was it because I could not pursue that ball, or that I would not pursue that ball?

I remember thinking:

• It is too hard.

• I can’t do it.

• I don’t have confidence.

• I don’t have skill.

• Why even try?

Paul is one example of someone in the Bible who decided to choose to pursue his purpose in life. He knew his suffering would have an eternal consequence. God had chosen him to suffer for the sake of the Gospel — and he was willing to pursue that purpose. When he said “yes!” to Jesus, he sold out for Christ. God did not waste any part of Paul — his background, his physical ability, his mind — and his weakness.

Wonder if he thought that it was too hard, he couldn’t do it, or he didn’t have the confidence or skill. He may have thought those things, but he knew that with God, he could do all things.

When God brings us to it, we should choose to pursue it.

Looking back, I really should have chosen to pursue those balls that went down the drain!

Ann Farabee is a teacher, writer and speaker. Contact her at or

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