Planning commission recommends new zoning near Intimidators Stadium site

Published 12:02 am Thursday, June 23, 2022

KANNAPOLIS — The Kannapolis Planning and Zoning Commission approved a motion on Tuesday evening that could change the “character” of areas in the community moving forward.

The board approved a motion to convert land that had previously been designated as a Future Planning Area into two different zones.

The first zone, located around Lane Street and its intersections with Old Salisbury-Concord Road and Turkey Road, is recommended to become an employment center.

According to the Kannapolis 2030 Land Use Plan, an employment center is primarily industrial with warehouse development and office parks as well as access to regional transportation corridors.

The second proposed zone change involved a larger plot of land that goes south on Irish Potato Road, just past Barrier Road, and stretches into the the Centergrove Road area to the west.

This zone is recommended to become a Complete Neighborhood 2 zone.

The 2030 plan described Complete Neighborhood 2 zones as involving areas that have “yet to be developed” but which will have integrated housing that involves larger setbacks on properties, nearby parks and trails and a wide range of affordable housing.

The proposed changes will still need to be approved by the Kannapolis City Council before they go into effect but they demonstrate a commitment by the Planning and Zoning Commission to continue implementing a vision for the city.

The Kannapolis 2030 Land Use Plan is the first comprehensive plan for the city since it was incorporated in 1984. It was approved by the city council in 2018 and has offered a blueprint for how the city aims to evolve moving forward.

More information about the plan can be found online at