Whitey Harwood’s From the Woodshed: Everything that glitters is not gold

Published 12:00 am Sunday, June 19, 2022

In the Salisbury Post (May 29, 2022) was this story, “VA Doctor Honored for Excellence in Care Leadership.” His name is Dr. Charles de Comarmond.

First off, I want to congratulate the VA doctor for his award. I’m sorry we’ve not met.

As I was reading the story, I noticed we have things in common. We both wear glasses. I don’t own any that’s rose colored. We both have names that some people would have trouble pronouncing. We both have the VAMC in Salisbury. He works there to treat people and I go there and get mistreated by some people. We both have had a first reaction of disbelief over an award. His was for the one he worked hard for and was well deserved. Mine was when that Rowan County “Bored Bunch” got one for all the hard work they didn’t do.

He said, “As a physician, every day is a lesson in humility.” I say, “As a patient almost every ordeal with the VA is a lesson in futility!”

While reading the story, I also noticed we have some things we see different.

I very well understand why. The doctor is on the inside looking out and I’m on the outside looking in.

He talked about “our” team. I would like to tell about my team. I bet mine’s not as big as his. I only have five very special people on mine. It’s very small, but they make up for it by being caring, friendly, respectful, helpful, and highly professional.

My team is the backbone of the VAMC and the reason I go there.

In my 35 years of going there, I have noticed one very big improvement. The parking.

I’ve also noticed one department that has gone backwards. I won’t name it here, but we’ll just call it Latnem Eneigyh.

I was very proud to read that Dr. de Comarmond is always thinking about improving my life.

So here goes something else to think about. Besides giving us the service we have earned, how about a little respect to go along with it?

Willie sang about it. Sorta like this:

Maybe I didn’t treat you

                        Quite as good as I should have.

                        If I made you feel second best

                        I’m sorry I was blind.

                        Little things I should have said and done

                        I just never took the time

                        But, you were always on my mind.

                        You were always on my mind!

No need to thank me. You’re welcome.


 Whitey Harwood lives in  Rowan County.