Letters to the editor: June 14

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Thanks for the push to expand Medicaid in North Carolina

Thank you, Senator Carl Ford and the N.C. Senate, for putting forth and passing a bill that includes much-needed Medicaid expansion.

Twelve percent of Rowan County residents and 11% of North Carolinians do not have health insurance. Therefore, they can’t afford to see a doctor. Diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes go undetected until it is too late. This could be remedied by North Carolina participating in Medicaid Expansion, provided through the Affordable Care Act, extending health insurance to over 600,000 North Carolinians. This would cost North Carolina nothing for the first 2 years, and only 10% after that. Hospitals want this program, which would especially help underserved areas.

Now it is time for the N.C. House to do the same. Governor Cooper will sign it. North Carolina will join 38 other states that have already signed on to Medicaid Expansion. Please join me in urging the N.C. House of Representatives to follow the N.C. Senate’s lead to pass Medicaid Expansion and saves lives!

— Ellen Hanson-Kelly


Right to bear arms is covered by Second Amendment

This is in regard to Pat Bullard’s column (June 2). I am in no way condoning what happened in Uvalde. It was horrific to say the least. I am concerned about the shooting as well. However, I am assuming that you are a Democrat by your statement of the obstructionist GOP.

The right to bear arms is a Second Amendment right. I am against guns in the hands of 18 year olds, thugs, terrorists and criminals.

These people are going to get guns no matter how many laws you pass, and you are going to leave innocent people with no way to protect themselves and their families .

I am a proud Republican and don’t have to hide behind name calling. We are against abortion, which kills more babies than all these school shootings. If you are so concerned about the children, why are you not concerned about babies being aborted?

Assuming you are a Democrat, you voted in people who think it’s OK to kill babies. So where in all this can you think that one child is more important than another? They are all God’s children and He thinks they are all important.

— Freida Heitman


Budd is part of problem in our messy time

On Thursday, we saw the first of what will be a series of public hearings by the Jan. 6 Committee. It reminded us of what we witnessed on our TVs that day and added new input on how President Trump orchestrated the foundation for that violence.

Our representative Ted Budd, after cowering in a secure location while 140 Capital Police personnel were injured, returned to the chamber and voted, in violation of his oath of office, with another 146 Congressmen to overthrow the results of our 2020 election.

He continues to this day to support the “big lie” and now wants to be our N.C. senator. He cannot run on his record because of the lack of content so, he is running daily negative ads attacking his opponent.

We have serious issues like inflation, healthcare and gun violence. He has no real solutions nor a track record showing he can work with people who might.

I’m a vet and I am asking all NC vets, in November, to step up and vote for anybody but Budd.

— Eric Marsh

China Grove