Letters to the editor: June 9

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 9, 2022

Rest in peace, Joseph Heilig

I enjoyed Sunday’s sketch of Joseph Heilig entering the games of Heaven to take an appropriate place up on his bench. Joseph exemplified the goodness which the Salisbury community hopes to see in all of its citizens.

He was a man who never failed to offer kind words of greeting and who plied his trade with utmost skill and professionalism. I consider his rendering of our little dog to be a masterpiece and he never failed to inquire about the dog each time I passed by. Joseph, may you enjoy the rest and peace which passes all understanding and I hope there will be a place for me to sit with you on your bench in the time to come.

— John Holshouser


Beacon Hall foundation funding being used as promised

As a sometimes-writer myself, I realize how challenging it can be to take a barrage of facts and state them correctly in a short article. Yet it’s crucial that we make it clear that we are using the Woodson and Robertson funds exactly as we promised we would.

The Woodson Foundation gave us a whopping $26,000 to have historically appropriate windows built to close in the building. With our new roof recently complete, we will finally have a weather-tight building, and we cannot overstate how thankful we are for this gift.

The Robertson Foundation came to the table as well, gifting us with $5,000 for plumbing work. Even though our building is over 100 years old, all former pipes were removed before our purchase, so the plumbing project is just like a “new build.” This gift from the Robertson allows us to begin the daunting and much-needed task.

The article stated we would use the Woodson funds for a deck. We do plan to build a deck with beams we bought from the former Cone Mills, but only after the building is fully functional. The article also stated we’d use Robertson funds for the stained-glass windows. We have been working on the window, but again, not with grant monies.

Foundations are pretty sticky about non-profits using their funds exactly for the purposes they say they will use them for — and our press release said exactly what our plans are. Thanks again for the coverage, and please be aware we are using the gifts faithfully as we promised.

— Jody and Maggie Blackwell


Why a Pride night?

I recently saw where the Kannapolis Cannon Ballers would be having a Pride night in July at the Atrium Ballpark. At first I thought I would just sit down and keep my thoughts to myself, but have since reconsidered.

As I watch large corporation after large corporation push their agenda down my throat, I am beginning to feel “bullied.” Examples include Coke, Pizza Hut and MLB. I do not agree with the homosexual lifestyle. Never have and never will. That does not mean I hate the people. I am not foolish enough to believe that the alternative lifestyle has not been here since the early times. I am sure there are some reading this who will not agree with my views. That should not mean we have to hate. That is not what this letter is about.

For the Cannon Ballers, here are my questions: When has someone in the LGBTQ community not been welcomed at your stadium? When has someone been denied access to your facility due to sexual orientation? Why should I have to sit through a game while it is being thrown in my face?

We don’t celebrate “straight” night or “heterosexual” nights at the park. Why this? These types of events only serve to divide us further as a community and a country. That truly seems to be the agenda of corporations and politicians today. Why can a company not just put out a good product and let people (all people) enjoy it?

I go to sporting events to escape the world for just a short while. Now that is being taken away. Enough is enough. My season tickets will not be used that night. I will not be there, I will not sell them, nor will I give them away. It is about time the silent majority to stand up.

— Ronnie James

China Grove