Letter to the editor: Each school needs one entry with metal detector

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 2, 2022

Nineteen precious children and two adults were murdered at a Texas elementary school. How long will it take for the Rowan County school board to take this horrific behavior seriously and realize we are not living in the world of yesterday. How many children have to die because school board members say, “That was Texas, it won’t happen here?”

When I was on the school board several years ago, and even after I left the board, I pleaded for the board to have a “one entry with a metal detector” policy in every one of our schools. That is the only way you can keep guns out of schools.

How many school shootings have to happen before our Rowan County school board tosses away its petty arguments like, “We don’t want our schools to look like a prison,” or “It’s too difficult,” or “It will cost too much.” Then there’s the most pathetic argument “That won’t happen here!”

I was not taken seriously when I brought this to the board, but maybe they will listen to those who believe that protecting our children should be the first concern of our school system. I urge you to go face to face with our board members and demand they protect our children before it’s too late.

 The name and phone numbers of the board members are available on the school board’s web page.

— Chuck Hughes