Ada Fisher: Curbing gun violence  

Published 12:00 am Sunday, May 29, 2022

Steve Kerr’s outspokenness at his press conference post the Golden State Warriors recent playoff loss was right on point in asking that we confront the senseless gun violence affecting so many of our innocent.

Democratic Representative Mike Thompson of California’s 5th District proposed Background Checks Act of 2021 passed the House on a bipartisan basis but has been held up because a vote not only has not been taken on it in the Senate but faces acts of political cowardice in failing to take seriously a problem increasingly getting out of hand. This act would expand background checks to be required on all firearm sales, as well as close gun show and online sales loopholes.

As an avid defender of the Second Amendment and believer in the right of citizens to bear arms, there is much that can and should be done to limit firearm access by various people, e.g. those with mental infirmities, exhibiting violence in domestic disputes or in other acts, dishonorably discharged military and terminated law enforcement personnel, children not engaged in hunting sports or Olympic competitions and likely others.  Also a major evolving problem is the development of ghost firearms with the assist of 3-D printers making some things difficult to trace. Not to be forgotten is the availability of untraceable routine firearms.

Blaming gun manufacturers for individual choices is not likely to stop access to weapons. Putting a cap on the number of rounds of ammunition purchased or protective equipment bought might be considered just like banks are required to report withdrawals of more than $2,000 at a time.  Who needs repeating rifles/guns, thousands of rounds of ammunition or other weaponry of excessive magnitude if not in the military or running installations where harmful prey is an issue?

It is most intriguing that in the Ukraine where guns were previously frowned upon for individuals, with its invasion by Russia, that government has undertaken a major role in arming their citizenry.  Appreciating that individual protection can seemingly be enhanced by owning a weapon in defense of oneself and one’s nation should be considered a right in democracies.

In the attention grabbing senseless murders that are truly acts of domestic terrorism whether impacted by racism, mental breakdowns or pent up anger, trying to teach people love over hate is a difficult and ongoing challenge which has no political answer.  In talking with younger people and those often with an unrestrained religious fervor, a limited understanding of G-d’s laws of the Ten Commandments and the entertainment media’s constant barrage promoting a sense that anything goes and all things are suitable for public consumption seems present in abundance.  Many of the video games and products available especially to the young are often laced with excessive violence, seemingly demonic imprints embracing skeletons, zombies and other “underworld allusions” which can imprint misguided thinking as if death isn’t real. Should these games per “Tipper” Gore have guidelines for eligible viewers with prohibitions against sales to minors?

An undeniable reality is that violence as depicted in mass killings, racism and other unprovoked retaliatory ventures is wrong and should be ended without the seemingly prolonged search for reasons,  justifications or answers being sought.  Many are opposed to capital punishment but in continuing to feed, clothe and house the perpetrators what then is being accomplished at the expense of society for those who have demonstrated a blatant disregard for a civilized society?

Dr. Ada M. Fisher is a physician, licensed secondary education teacher, former medical director of a Fortune 500 company and N.C. Republican National Committeewoman 2012-2020.  She is an author and can contacted at P.O. Box 777; Salisbury, NC 28145 or by email at